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Sharon H. Thompson, Alan J. Case and Roger G. Sargent

Group exercise instructors are at particular risk for performance-related injuries because many teach multiple classes each day where they repetitively demonstrate exercise moves. To assess performance-related injuries, a paper-pencil survey was mailed to 1000 randomly selected American Council on Exercise certified group exercise instructors. Questionnaire respondents included 386 professionally certified female instructors from 48 states. Most injuries reported (77%) were of the lower extremity (feet, knee, calf, thigh, shin, ankle, hip). Less than one-fourth of the injuries (23%) were of the trunk or upper body (shoulder, arm, back). The three most commonly reported injury sites were the foot (13.1%), knee (12.5%), and back (9.5%). The three most common types of injury reported were general inflammation (20.7%), muscle strain or sprains (19.6%), and stress fractures (16.8%). Two independent variables were significantly associated with rates of injuries: obligatory exercise scores (p = .0028), and reports of a past eating disorder (p = .0007). Group exercise instructors are at particular risk for injury to the lower body. Those instructors with exercise and eating-related disorders are especially prone to activity-related injuries.

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Colin J. Lewis, Simon J. Roberts, Hazel Andrews and Rebecca Sawiuk

underside of my thigh. I was being pulled, forced violently onto my back. It was Tony. He was pushing hard against me. My neck was jammed between the intersections of the sofa, and he was trying to force himself on top of me. I could feel his stubble rubbing against the nape of my neck. It was rough and

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Gabrielle Ringenberg, Jill M. Maples and Rachel A. Tinius

, suprailiac, abdomen, and thigh—and these numbers were entered into standardized equations to calculate total subcutaneous percentage of body fat ( Jackson & Pollock, 1985 ). The same person, who was trained and certified to conduct assessments at the University Recreation Facility’s Health Lab, administered

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John D. Fair

physical exertion presented no obstacle, but working with accomplished dancers Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor in Singin’ in the Rain proved to be a trial by fire. Gene was in great condition. His legs were like pistons; he had the strongest thighs of any man alive. Donald was slim and not nearly as

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Adele Pavlidis, Millicent Kennelly and Laura Rodriguez Castro

retirement”, signifies a different context. The image features diver Tameka Kovchenko, one of Australia’s medal hopes. She poses on a diveboard, seated “side on”, with her torso facing the front, and one arm resting passively on her front thigh. She is wearing a light green swim suit with slim straps. Her

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Roger Gilles

-fitting woolen jerseys and tights rising up to mid-thigh. Preview stories in the papers invited potential customers to come see “red knickers, black stockings and women to wear them.” 6 Men’s and women’s racing events were both popular, but the women reportedly drew a more “representative” crowd, with men, women

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Colleen English

ones above the diaphragm,” “more adipose tissue and less muscle” at the hips and thighs, a lower center of gravity, and slower metabolic rate caused women to “do better in exercise of moderate endurance” and fair worse in “heavy gymnastics and in those competitive games which require heart and lung

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Blandine Bril

, 2008 ). Only recently studies have shown that deep squatting (i.e., high knee flexion above 155°) was associated with lower joint forces at the knee. Indeed, high knee flexion increases thigh-calf contact that leads to reduced knee joint force ( Zelle, Barink, Loeffen, De Waal Malefijt, & Verdonschot

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Emma Kavanagh, Chelsea Litchfield and Jaquelyn Osborne

perfect woman so beuatiful [ sic ] [about Sharapova] I wish to marry Maria Sharapova…sexy russian tennis bitch Serena Williams…. What a fuckin woman!….I would let her beat the shit outta me !…. Wow!…. Thighs!… What a fuckin woman! #serenaist Maria Sharapova is hot as fuck. These statements serve to

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Roger Baines

literally—and sometimes it’s necessary for official statements—but it really is difficult. (Translator 2, 2017) I prefer to talk about calf, thigh strain, etc., but some clients want the medical term even in English. Personally, it jars and I challenge any nonmedical professional to decipher it