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Jason P. Shurley and Janice S. Todd

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the scrutiny of head trauma in football. This attention is due largely to a host of studies that have been highly publicized and linked the repetitive head trauma in football to late-life neurological impairment. Scientists and physicians familiar with boxing have been aware of such impairment, resulting from repeated head impacts, for more than 80 years. Few, however, made the connection between the similarity of head impacts in boxing and football until recent decades. This article examines the medical and scientific literature related to head trauma in both boxing and football, paying particular attention to the different emphases of that research. Further, the literature is used to trace the understanding of sport-related chronic head trauma as well as how that understanding has prompted reform efforts in each sport. Finally, in light of the current understanding of the long-term sequelae of repetitive head trauma, some consideration is given to what football administrators can learn from the reform efforts in boxing.

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William V. Massey and Meredith A. Whitley

populations ( Bean, Fortier, Post, & Chima, 2014 ; Magee & Jeanes, 2013 ; Ravizza, 2012 ; Trejo, Attali, & Magee, 2017 ). In this paper, we detail the results of a study examining the sport participation of youth who have experienced complex and developmental trauma while being raised in under

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Maria T. Allison

This paper explores the process of social change and problems that arise in the study of such change in play, sport, and leisure domains. After outlining major theoretical perspectives utilized to describe and explain the nature of change in society, the paper describes several myths, including myths of trauma, unidirectionality, deviance, and semantic illusion (Lauer, 1973), which have inhibited the study of change. Drawing from examples in play, sport, and leisure domains, the author suggests ways in which the study of change can be better integrated into our research consciousness.

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Deborah Butler

This paper contributes new theoretical and empirical knowledge to a relatively under researched area, that of the experience and management of emotions and mental health of sports workers. Set within the field of interspecies sports work this paper uses autophenomenography to demonstrate the application of phenomenology within sociology as both a methodological approach and a theoretical framework. It focuses on the personal and working life of a sports worker in horse racing who, through emotional trauma and mental ill health, loses her ‘feel for the game’ (Bourdieu, 1992), the unconscious bodily dispositions and automatic performance that form an integral part of sports work. It examines how practically embodied attitudes and dispositions can return through working with and exercising racehorses. Using the work of Merleau-Ponty my aim is to explore how human-nonhuman animal intercorporeality acts as a catalyst to regaining a ‘feel for the game.’

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Martha Saavedra

that trauma and was amplified on February 8, 2015, when 20 members of the Ultras White Knights, supporters of Zamalek SC, were killed at the Air Force Stadium in Cairo before a match. Ultras have held the military complicit in the deaths, seeking retribution and justice, but these traumas have also

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Theresa Walton-Fisette

. Statutes of limitations have shifted with the realization that sometimes the trauma induced by sexual violence precludes a victim from being able to come forward immediately. Most feminist advocates and scholars promote the ideal of affirmative consent—meaning that rather than having to physically fight an

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scholastic athletics, an exponential rise in musculoskeletal trauma accompanied the explosion of female sports participation; mostly regarding knee injuries which comprise up to 50% of all sporting activities. Specifically, the incidence of patellofemoral (PF) pain (25%/>2x) and anterior cruciate ligament

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David Eitle, Steven Swinford and Abagail Klonsinski

partner violence affect sexual health? A systematic review . Trauma, Violence & Abuse, 8 ( 2 ), 149 – 177 . PubMed ID: 17545572 doi: 10.1177/1524838007301162 Crosset , T. ( 1999 ). Male athletes’ violence against women: A critical assessment of the athletic affiliation, violence against women

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Dominic Malcolm

degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma and characterised by dementia-like symptoms, memory disturbances, and speech problems’ ( Partridge, 2014 , p. 66) – through regular heading of the ball ( Ling et al., 2017 ). Significantly however, medical literature ( McCrory et al., 2017 ) and media

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Gretchen Kerr, Erin Willson and Ashley Stirling

-type maltreatment : An examination of the long-term effects of child abuse . Journal of Agression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 11 ( 4 ), 29 – 52 . doi:10.1300/J146v11n04_02 10.1300/J146v11n04_02 Braun , V. , & Clarke , V. ( 2006 ). Using thematic analysis in psychology . Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3