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Patty Freedson, David M. Buchner, Russ Pate, Brad Hatfield, Loretta DiPietro, David A. Dzewaltowski, Tim Gavin and Jeff Nessler

This paper provides an overview of several university programs that have integrated various aspects of public health into their kinesiology instruction, research, and outreach efforts. The summaries of these programs provide the historical context that shows the various stages of transformation of their kinesiology and exercise science programs over the last century. Examples of specific academic structural designs and curricula are described, as well as the rationale the faculty used to justify these programs. In addition, advantages, opportunities, and challenges of this integration are highlighted.

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Derek T. Smith, Tannah Broman, Marcus Rucker, Cecile Sende and Sarah Banner

, options to receive credentials (associate’s degree) after transfer, a strong presence at the community college, and early involvement in university programs are practices that can be incorporated to promote transfer success. As more community colleges reform to make advising more specialized with

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Bradley Donohue, Marina Galante, Julia Maietta, Bern Lee, Nina Paul, Joanne E. Perry, Arianna Corey and Daniel N. Allen

represent a solid screening option for university programs working with college-athlete populations. The SIC is freely available for clinical and research purposes upon express written consent from the first author, and included in Appendix to better assist its evaluation by other research teams and its

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Kristoffer Henriksen, Louise Kamuk Storm, Natalia Stambulova, Nicklas Pyrdol and Carsten Hvid Larsen

are not truly adapted to the specific culture of the sport and team, because university programs do not provide the necessary skills. In the present study, we found that in some cases, even experienced SPPs ended up teaching generic programs and focusing solely on mental skills and sport performance

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Matthew Juravich and Brian M. Mills

program out of high school was removed from the sample. Our NBA draft data come from and include the round, pick, and collegiate program of each draftee. For each of the datasets including information on recruiting, draft, and AP poll appearances, we aggregate across university

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Jacqueline McDowell, Yung-Kuei Huang and Arran Caza

. , & Bloom , G. ( 2005 ). Building a successful university program: Key and common elements of expert coaches . Journal of Applied Sport Psychology , 17 , 179 – 196 . doi:10.1080/10413200591010021 10.1080/10413200591010021 Vecchio , R.P. , & Brazil , D.M. ( 2007 ). Leadership and sex-similarity: A

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Jeffrey Martin

organized body of knowledge where the pursuit of knowledge was considered valuable and important. Hallmarks of a discipline, all present for sport psychology, are as follows: university programs of study and the courses in them, academic journals, textbooks, national organizations and the conferences they