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Column-editor : Kathleen M. Laquale

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Kelley D. Henderson, Sarah A. Manspeaker and Zevon Stubblefield

career. While hydration is a known contributing factor for ER, 8 vitamin D has also been theorized to contributed to muscle function and ER. 2 , 14 As this patient had also identified a history of binge eating practices, it is possible that she was not receiving the recommended amounts of vitamin D, or

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Maja Zamoscinska, Irene R. Faber and Dirk Büsch

main treatment. 9 To be more precise, the basic treatment consists of supplementations with calcium and vitamin D. 15 In addition, the patients often have to take antiresorptive or osteoanabolic medication. 15 , 16 Although this treatment is beneficial, applying these medicines can cause one or more

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Andrea S. Hartmann, Florian Steenbergen, Silja Vocks, Dirk Büsch and Manuel Waldorf

Appearance- and Performance-Enhancing Drugs ( n [%]) UNA REJ CON ACT MNT DEC Vitamins, Minerals 2 (1.19) 20 (11.90) 21 (12.50) 50 (29.76) 75 (44.64) 0 (0) Proteins, amino 0 (0) 16 (9.52) 10 (5.95) 33 (19.64) 109 (64.88) 0 (0) Energy drinks, caffeine 1 (0.60) 63 (37.50) 21 (12.50) 58 (34.52) 23 (13.69) 2 (1

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Emily R. Hunt and Melissa C. Day

’ early descriptions focused on feelings of freedom and the natural experience of playing sport before pain. Sport felt enjoyable, it felt natural, it felt like it was part of who I was. It felt very comfortable, it helped me build my confidence. It was helping me to regulate my emotions, like a vitamin