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Emily M. Haymes

Muscle glycogen is the primary source of energy during high intensity exercise. Increasing the carbohydrate content of the diet allows more glycogen to be stored. Some adolescent female athletes (gymnasts, dancers) do not consume adequate amounts of vitamin B6, folacin, and E. Many women have low dietary intakes of calcium and iron. Low calcium intake and physical inactivity are factors associated with the development of osteoporosis. Low iron intake is associated with the development of iron deficiency and anemia. Low ferritin levels (an index of body iron stores) are commonly observed in female athletes.

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Tracey Covassin, Kyle M. Petit and Morgan Anderson

medication or supplementation to treat SRCs ( Barrett, McBurney, & Ciappio, 2014 ; Trojian, Wang, & Leddy, 2017 ). Supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids ( Barrett et al., 2014 ) and vitamin E ( Conte et al., 2004 ) have been theorized to improve recovery, but research is needed to support these claims

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Sungho Cho, J. Lucy Lee, June Won and Jong Kwan (Jake) Lee

.e., visualized element of the brand) M  = 2.52, SD  = 1.63 • Health • Healthy living • Weight loss • Vitamins • Nutritious Case 3 Under Armour v. Uncle Martian The same product category (i.e., sporting goods) and similar brand logo M  = 4.38, SD  = 1.58 • Under Armour • Cheap • Family • Athletes Case 4 Manchester

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Mark Dyreson

the Tarahumara paradise. Vitamins and vaccinations might help with the epidemics and malnutrition the tribe faced, they admitted, but they argued that the fragile Chihuahuan environment could not support the “resultant population explosion” that would inexorably follow. The scientists surmised that