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Andy Gillham and Craig Stone

the years, yet that initial description has remained foundational. This study was conducted to understand the peak-performance phenomenon as experienced by elite-level American football players. Current National Football League (NFL) players were recruited based on (a) the fact that the age range of

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Jay R. Hoffman

American football is the most popular sport in the United States. Its popularity is likely related to the intense, fast-paced, physical style of play. The importance of strength and conditioning to success in football has been long understood. In fact, the strength and conditioning profession in North America can take its roots from American football. However, only recently has scientific study confirmed the positive relationships between strength, speed, and power to success in this sport. Although strength and conditioning are integral to every American football program, the collaboration with sport scientists has not been as fruitful. Only limited studies are available examining the physiological effects of actual competition and physiological adaptations or maladaptations during a season of competition. Most studies on American football have primarily focused on physical performance characteristics of these athletes and how various training paradigms can be used to improve performance.

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Brian W. Wiese, Kevin Miller and Eduardo Godoy

consideration in the athletic population. Therefore, the purpose of this case report is to increase the clinician’s knowledge of the Buford complex and discuss how it affected the management of a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I collegiate American football player’s rotator

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Sean H. Kerr, Tiffanye M. Vargas, Mimi Nakajima and Jim Becker

to their hire ( Bagley et al., 2012 ). While this is a positive step toward increasing coach knowledge on concussions, Covassin et al. ( 2011 ) noted that following the training, 23% of coaches still did not find concussions to be a problem in youth sport. American football is currently at a

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Zachary Y. Kerr, Susan W. Yeargin, Yuri Hosokawa, Rebecca M. Hirschhorn, Lauren A. Pierpoint and Douglas J. Casa

Exertional heat illnesses (EHIs) include exercise-associated muscle cramps, heat syncope, heat exhaustion, and exertional heat stroke. If not properly treated, exertional heat stroke can result in vital organ damage, disability, or death. 1 , 2 An estimated 1 in 6 of all American football

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Scott L. Bruce and Kyra Dorney

analysis. Logistic regression identified the presences of LOC was the only factor related to posturing. All the videos analyzed in these studies examined a variety of sports, but none exclusively examined American football. We decided to undertake this study specifically because there were no published

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Joe Maguire

This paper examines the figurational dynamics and cultural significance of the emergence of American football on the landscape of English sports culture. To do this, it is necessary to place this development within the context of the more general debate concerning the Americanization of British culture. It is also necessary to examine how such changes in sports culture are intertwined with broader cultural changes. The substantive section focuses on the network of interdependencies involved in the making of American football in England in the 1980s. Attention is paid to the crucial role played by the marketing strategies of the NFL, Anheuser-Busch, and a British television company in promoting the game of American football in English society. An attempt is made to highlight the interweaving of interests of media and multinational corporations in the creation of a market not simply for the game of American football but also for the merchandising, sponsorship, and endorsement operations associated with it. The paper concludes with a consideration of Americanization, sport, and cultural change.

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Leslie W. Oglesby and Andrew R. Gallucci

An 18-year-old male collegiate American football player with no previous medical history of knee injury suffered an acute left patellofemoral dislocation during preseason practice. Diagnostic imaging and exploratory surgery revealed multiple avulsions of the medial patellofemoral ligament as well as significant lateral patellar tilt and chondromalacia of the left patella. A surgical repair of the ligament was performed as well as a lateral release and debridement of multiple structures. With no rehabilitative protocols available for multiple avulsion repair, a protocol for a single avulsion repair of the medial patellofemoral ligament was used with some exceptions. The patient returned to full-contact American football activities at 5 months postoperation with no reported complications. These findings indicate that a rehabilitation protocol for single avulsion repair may be appropriate for multiple avulsions as well.

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Jess S. Boronico and Scott L. Newbert

This manuscript presents a model to assist in the determination of optimal American football play selection for first down and goal situations. A game theoretic approach is embedded within a stochastic dynamic programming formulation, resulting in a mixed strategy satisfying the ex-ante declared objective of maximizing the probability of scoring a touchdown. The methodology provides a quantitative framework to a problem that impacts on team performance and addresses a gap in the literature concerning the application of quantitative methods to sports.

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Robert McCunn, Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Sean Williams, Travis J. Halseth, John A. Sampson and Andrew Murray

, and entertainment value elements. American football is widely played by high school and college athletes throughout the United States. 3 However, due to the inherently aggressive and intense physical demands of the game, injuries are a well-acknowledged aspect of the sport. For instance, a total of