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Rebecca T. Marsh Naturkach and Donna L. Goodwin

Community service learning (CSL) is a pedagogical tool used to enhance academic learning and promote civic engagement by combining classroom theory with applied community practice ( Jacoby, 1996 ; Richards, Eberline, Padaruth, & Templin, 2015 ; Roper & Santiago, 2014 ). The general benefits of

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Nicholas M. Watanabe, Grace Yan, Brian P. Soebbing and Wantong Fu

pollution and attendance at soccer matches in China’s Chinese Super League (CSL), where deteriorating air quality in recent years presents everyday challenges for urban activities ( Ebenstein, Fan, Greenstone, He, & Zhou, 2017 ). In places like Beijing, for example, the average daily air pollution between

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Hebe Schaillée, Ramón Spaaij, Ruth Jeanes and Marc Theeboom

relations were managed during the first stage of the action research process, this type of research was considered vital for building and maintaining trust within the partnerships and linked to values of equality and reciprocity. In addition, three community sport labs (CSLs) were established to involve a

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Christopher M. McLeod, Haozhou Pu and Joshua I. Newman

projected 3.4 million tons of CO 2 emissions—around 0.5 percent of annual emissions in the United Kingdom ( CSL, 2009 : 17; Hayes & Horne, 2011 ). To counter this impact, organizers use “carbon offsetting.” Wilson ( 2012a , 2012b ) argued carbon offsetting is unable to create an event with zero net