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Jeffrey W. Kassing

structure of the club; a unique style of play; support for women’s sport; an academy that prepares young men and women for life beyond sport; a focus on promoting the values of humility, effort, ambition, respect, and teamwork; a conscientious balance between representing the region and past of Catalonia

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César García

Historically, Barcelona Football Club (BFC) has represented one of the pillars of Catalan identity, which earned it the slogan “more than a club.” In recent times, especially under the presidency of Joan Laporta, management has radicalized the club’s political positions by using BFC as a platform to openly promote the independence from Spain of the Catalan region. Despite the fact that most Barcelona fans in Catalonia, as well as in the rest of Spain, have much more moderate political positions, the radicalization of BFC does not appear to have eroded the relationship-building process with Barcelona fandom. This article argues that BFC as an institution still maintains a good relationship with its fans because the social, as well as individual, identity provided by allegiance to a soccer club such as BFC is ultimately more important to members and fans than the club’s political positions.

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Estela Farías-Torbidoni and Demir Barić

) Determine the most influential sociodemographic, travel, motivational, and opinion descriptors on visitors’ likelihood of engaging in sedentary PA physical intensity. Method Study Area This study was carried out in the biggest Natural Park in Catalonia, Spain, located in the Pyrenees area. The Alt Pirineu

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Estela Farías-Torbidoni, Demir Barić and Sebastià Mas-Alòs

relationship with HEPA (light, moderate, and vigorous). Therefore, considering Alt Pirineu Natural Park in Catalonia, Spain, as a study area, the main aim of this applied research is as follows: 1. To identify the PA intensity groups of visitors following the PA Compendium and corresponding MET consumption

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Jeffrey W. Kassing and Pratik Nyaupane

rituals such as drinking and gambling. Finally, sport pilgrimage can take the form of visiting a specific club’s stadium for a tour, match, or both. Consider that, despite museums devoted to Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miró, the most visited museum in Catalonia is Football Club Barcelona’s Camp

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Kelsey Slater

economic benefit, but I think probably the situation in Barcelona in 1992 would be the most favorable example. And that happened as an anomaly really, because Barcelona, that area of Spain, the Catalonia region of Spain, had been largely ignored by the Franco regime that had been in power from the mid ’30s

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Manuel Terraza-Rebollo and Ernest Baiget

legal tutors for minors signed an informed consent document prior to starting the study. This study was designed according to the Declaration of Helsinki of 1975, revised in 2008, and the research ethics committee of the University of Vic—Central University of Catalonia approved the protocol. Design The

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Rafel Cirer-Sastre, Alejandro Legaz-Arrese, Francisco Corbi, Keith George, Jinlei Nie, Luis Enrique Carranza-García and Joaquim Reverter-Masià

, while the NT-proBNP release remains influenced only by exercise duration. Acknowledgments This review was founded by a research grant to Rafel Cirer-Sastre ( 2016PINEF00007 ) from the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) . References 1. Alquézar Arbé A , Santaló Bel M

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Amparo Escartí, Ramon Llopis-Goig and Paul M. Wright

, M. ( 2005 ). Responsibilidad personal y social a traves de la educacion fisica y el deporte . Barcelona, Catalonia : GRAO . Escartí , A. , Pascual , C. , Gutierrez , M. , Marin , D. , Martinez , M. , & Tarin , S. ( 2012 ). Applying the teaching personal and social responsibility

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Roger Baines

translator: Emojis of country flags are really a must for us. This poses a few “political” problems sometimes because on Twitter, there’s no flag for Scotland (just a Union Jack) or for Catalonia. When we tweet about Barça, we avoid using the Spanish-flag emoji because we know it doesn’t represent FC