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Youlian Hong and Yuenzhen Lu

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Daniel Lemus-Delgado

The opening up of China is one of the most significant events in contemporary history. 1 By opening itself up to foreign investment, world trade, and domestic reform, China has transformed from an isolated communist state into a vibrant and powerful nation and established strong links with the

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Jin H. Yan and John H. Downing

Tai Chi, an ancieni form of Chinese fitness exercise, affords its participants a variety of physical and psychological benefits. Research has suggested that individuals engaging in Tai Chi exercises improve cardiovascular fitness and motor control while reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Tai Chi is particularly suitable for seniors, who are often at risk for a variety of problems associated with aging (e.g.. arthritis, neurological dysfunction, and general decline of balance, coordination, and locomotor function). Because of its self-paced. nonstressful, and noncompetitive nature, and its ability to afford economy of lime, space, and equipment, Tai Chi presents an effective, functional alternative exercise form for the senior adult population. This article presents the background of Tai Chi practice and introduces several key elements and suggestions for teaching Tai Chi to senior participants. Finally, some selected resources for Tai Chi practice are listed.

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Qingru Xu and Andrew C. Billings

On June 23, 2017, at the World Tour Platinum China Open, a top-tier table tennis tournament, three Chinese athletes—the top-three-ranked male table tennis players in the world—withdrew from their second-round singles matches to protest the sudden removal of Head Coach Liu Guoliang. The three

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Qingru Xu and Peggy J. Kreshel

China’s participation and interest in modern sport were, to a large extent, initially motivated by nationalism ( Xu, 2006 ). Using a model based on the Soviet Union, China established a state-run sport regime in the 1960s with the primary goal of seeking international recognition on the global

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Bo Li, Olan K.M. Scott, Stirling Sharpe, and Qian Zhong

Sport [CAS]) was selected. The case is worth investigating because the scandal involves one of the most well-known athletes in the world. Sun Yang is one of the most successful long-distance swimmers in history and is considered a Chinese national hero after winning three Olympic gold medals and 11

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Joshua I. Newman, Grace Yan, Hanhan Xue, and Nicholas M. Watanabe

This is, from a certain point of view, a study of a Chinese multinational corporation’s ownership and sponsorship of a sport enterprise—the team formerly known as Tianjin Quanjian Football Club. It is also a productionist attempt to trace the agencements 1 configured about a corporation, a

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Bo Li, Olan K.M. Scott, Jerred Junqi Wang, and Liang Xiao

Viewership of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games experienced a significant decline in some Western markets including in the United States and parts of Europe ( Coster, 2021 ), but the Olympic Games still remain one of the most popular sporting events in some major markets such as China. Based on data

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Xiaofen D. Keating, Jingwen Liu, Xiaolu Liu, Jeff Colburn, Jianmin Guan, and Ke Zhou

above studies employed qualitative research methods. With respect to quantitative research on the topic, there was only one scale validation study conducted by Fan et al. ( 2018 ) in China. It is critical to note, however, that there are fewer robust data concerning factors influencing PPETs’ beliefs

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Y. Andrew Hao and Jörg Krieger

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) handling of the “China question” has been discussed extensively in sport history literature. 1 In 1949, the Nationalist government, defeated in the Chinese Civil War, fled to Taiwan, where it continued the Republic of China (ROC) regime. Also in exile