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David A. Ferrer and Rebecca Ellis

, the use of SNS is also prevalent. As of January 2014, 74% of the adults who accessed the Internet used an SNS. 16 Among the most widely used SNSs, Facebook was the clear favorite among adults. In 2014, of the entire adult population, 58% used Facebook, and 71% of the adults who accessed the Internet

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Fabian Kautz, Michael Schaffrath, and Alex C. Gang

and their ability to connect the teams with the fans. For example, Real Madrid has 110 million followers on their Facebook page, while the Los Angeles Lakers have 21 million followers, and the Golden State Warriors have 6.4 million followers on Twitter (as of December 20, 2019). In addition, when the

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Daniel Maderer, Petros Parganas, and Christos Anagnostopoulos

Athletes and sports organizations are increasingly using social-network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for marketing ( Abeza & O’Reilly, 2018 ; David et al., 2018 ; Thompson, Martin, Gee, Geurin, 2018 ) and communication purposes ( Abeza, O’Reilly, & Seguin, 2017 ; Browning & Sanderson, 2012

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Jocelyn Kernot, Lucy Lewis, Tim Olds, and Carol Maher

Facebook’s popularity continues to grow, with over 1.86 billion total users worldwide, of which 1.23 billion log on daily. 1 The use of social networking sites such as Facebook for behavior-based interventions is still relatively new. 2 To date, most studies have used Facebook as a component of

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Rebecca M. Achen, John Kaczorowski, Trisha Horsmann, and Alanda Ketzler

, 2017 ). One social network, Facebook, seems especially conducive to use as a marketing tool. As the largest social-network site, Facebook had over 1.7 billion active users who spent over 700 billion hours a month on the site in 2017 ( Facebook, 2017 ), and 32% of users interact regularly with business

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Evan Frederick and Ann Pegoraro

-media platforms such as Facebook can be used by athletes and organizations to control their image repair, introduce competing narratives, and redirect audiences. With that in mind, the purpose of this case study was to determine what image-repair strategies the University of Louisville employed immediately after

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Nathanael C.H. Ong

sought to explore. Study Aim Therefore, this study aimed to use the Ben Davis saga as a case study to explore public opinion toward various issues surrounding sport and society in Singapore. This was to be done by examining the Facebook comments that were left in response to related news articles on the

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Sonja Utz, Felix Otto, and Tim Pawlowski

For the management of professional athletes or teams, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are playing an increasingly important role. Almost all top professional athletes or teams have a social media presence. Compared with traditional media, social media allows for two

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Aubrianne E. Rote, Lori A. Klos, Michael J. Brondino, Amy E. Harley, and Ann M. Swartz


Facebook may be a useful tool to provide a social support group to encourage increases in physical activity. This study examines the efficacy of a Facebook social support group to increase steps/day in young women.


Female college freshmen (N = 63) were randomized to one of two 8-week interventions: a Facebook Social Support Group (n = 32) or a Standard Walking Intervention (n = 31). Participants in both groups received weekly step goals and tracked steps/day with a pedometer. Women in the Facebook Social Support Group were also enrolled in a Facebook group and asked to post information about their steps/day and provide feedback to one another.


Women in both intervention arms significantly increased steps/day pre- to postintervention (F (8,425) = 94.43, P < .001). However, women in the Facebook Social Support Group increased steps/day significantly more (F (1,138) = 11.34, P < .001) than women in the Standard Walking Intervention, going from 5295 to 12,472 steps/day.


These results demonstrate the potential effectiveness of using Facebook to offer a social support group to increase physical activity in young women. Women in the Facebook Social Support Group increased walking by approximately 1.5 miles/day more than women in the Standard Walking Intervention which, if maintained, could have a profound impact on their future health.

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Marion E. Hambrick, Tara Q. Mahoney, and Rich Calabrese

Sport industry leaders have recognized the popularity of social media; however, some have struggled with quantifying the benefits of such usage (Fisher, 2009). This case explores the potential opportunities social media sites can provide to sport organizations. Golf tournament organizer TampaTourneys, LLC created an administrative Facebook page to keep its Facebook users informed about events. The organization also used the page to promote a cause related marketing campaign benefitting a charitable fundraiser. Partnering with Blackhawk Computers, TampaTourneys initiated a week-long campaign, which encouraged the tournament organizer’s Facebook fans to tell their respective Facebook friends about the fundraiser and become fans of the TampaTourneys Facebook page. In turn, the organization made a monetary donation on behalf of its current and new fans. Based on the campaign’s success, TampaTourneys decided to initiate a second and longer fundraising effort. The case asks students to analyze data collected from the first fundraising campaign and develop a new campaign for the tournament organizer.