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Historically Black College and University Faculty’s Perception of Commission on Sport Management Accreditation and Perceived Barriers

Rennae Williams Stowe and Charles Crowley

Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), which may be struggling financially ( Morris, 2016 ). Sport management programs continue to proliferate and grow in popularity as evidenced over the past few decades ( Burns, 2022 ; Pitts, 2001 ; Yiamouyiannis et al., 2013 ). Five hundred and twenty-five institutions in

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Mainstreaming and Maintaining: Perspectives of Social Justice from HBCU PETE Alumni

Langston Clark, Anthony Heaven, and Usman Shah


The primary purpose of this study was to garner the perspectives of teaching for social justice (TSJ) and teacher education for social justice from individuals who were previously or currently are affiliated with physical education teacher education (PETE) programs at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). A second purpose was to elucidate the meaning of TSJ as it pertains to PETE faculty who were once students of color at HBCUs. Participants: The participants were five Black Americans (three men and two women) alumni of HBCUs.


The research design was descriptive-qualitative using an interviewing approach for data collection, which also included artifact analysis. (Gay, 1996). Specifically, primary data were collected through semistructured in depth interviews. Data analysis occurred through the usage of immersion.


The emergent themes were: mainstreaming and maintaining, intergenerational justice, and different and divergent.


Results of this study indicate that: the nature of social justice is contextual; HBCUs prepare students to teach within both the mainstream and Black communities; and that values and practices related to social justice are passed from teacher educator to teacher education student.

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An Equity-Focused Approach to Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention

DeAnne Davis Brooks, Lauren D. Griffin, Teah Rawlings, Rennae W. Stowe, and Dawn Norwood

been the target of initial efforts to diversify the kinesiology graduate student population at UNCG. One effort to recruit African American students is to advertise and partner with local historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs; DiGiacinto, 2014 ; Price et al., 2017 ; Russell, 2020

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On the Shoulders of Little Giants: A Testimonial of Otherfathering and Social Capital in PETE

Langston Clark

male as a teacher. My relationship with Dr. Webb cannot be fully grasped without an understanding of the educational environment where we were situated. It was at A&T where I had first encountered Dr. Webb. As an historically Black college or university (HBCU), A&T is part of a family of schools that

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Creating and Retaining an Inclusive Graduate Program in Kinesiology

Ting Liu, Michelle Hamilton, and YuChun Chen

for promoting diversity is to build partnerships with minority-serving institutions (MSIs) in Texas, such as historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and work to recruit a more diverse pool of students. By partnering with an HBCU, the ES master’s program can work toward greater

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Basketball’s Black Tax? An Examination of Historically Black College and University Men’s Basketball Guarantee Game Compensation

Willis A. Jones and Wayne L. Black

On November 8, 2019, the men’s basketball team from Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), a historically Black university (HBCU) located in Itta Bena, Mississippi, traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a game against The University of Utah. On paper, the game appeared to be a mismatch. The

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Indications of Referee Bias in Division I Women’s College Volleyball: Testing Expectancy Violations and Examining Nonverbal Communication

Andrew Dix

(HBCUs) in women’s sports. Theory-based literature courtesy of Burgoon et al. (e.g.,  Burgoon & Aho, 1982 ; Burgoon & Hale, 1988 ; Burgoon & Jones, 1976 ) has illuminated several different propositions that underscore the theoretical frame of expectancy violations theory (EVT). Formative research on

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Referee Judgments of Communication in the Field of Play: A Study on Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Division II College Football

Andrew Dix

scholarship by Watzlawick et al. ( 1967 ) has notably proclaimed that “one cannot not communicate” (p. 32). For example, the race of an athlete communicates data to referees. Cultural affiliation with a historically black college and university (HBCU) or a predominantly white institution (PWI) represents

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Media Framing of Athletic Department Major Infractions: A 5-Year Review of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Tyler A. Williams and Beth A. Cianfrone

universities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Educating low-income, first-generation students who have faced disadvantaged circumstances has traditionally been a vital mission of HBCUs ( Thurgood Marshall College Fund, 2020 ). Yet, when the NCAA enforces criteria based on team

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(Un)Doing Diversity Work in a “Diverse” Space: Examining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work in Historically Black College and University Athletics

A. Lamont Williams, Marcis Fennell, and Yannick Kluch

In Fall 2022, a football player at Hampton University in Virginia Beach made history. Byron Perkins, a redshirt junior at the university, announced that he identifies as gay—becoming the first football player at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) to publicly come out as gay ( Ziegler