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Jamie E. L. Spinney, Hugh Millward and Darren Scott


Walking is the most common physical activity for adults with important implications for urban planning and public health. Recreational walking has received considerably more attention than walking for transport, and differences between them remain poorly understood.


Using time-use data collected from 1971 randomly-chosen adults in Halifax, Canada, we identified walking for transport and walking for recreation events, and then computed participation rates, occurrences, mean event durations, and total daily durations in order to examine the participants and timing, while the locations were examined using origin-destination matrices. We compared differences using McNemar’s test for participation rates, Wilcoxon test for occurrences and durations, and Chi-Square test for locations.


Results illustrate many significant differences between the 2 types of walking, related to participants, timing, and locations. For example, results indicate a daily average of 3.1 walking for transport events, each lasting 8 minutes on average, compared with 1.4 recreational walking events lasting 39 minutes on average. Results also indicate more than two-thirds of recreational walks are home-based, compared with less than one-fifth of transport walks.


This research highlights the importance of both types of walking, while also casting suspicion on the traditional home-based paradigm used to measure “walkability.”

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Carolyn A. Duncan, Scott N. MacKinnon and Wayne J. Albert

The purpose of this study was to examine how wave-induced platform motion effects postural stability when handling loads. Twelve participants (9 male, 3 female) performed a sagittal lifting/lowering task with a 10 kg load in different sea conditions off the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Trunk kinematics and foot center of force were measured using the Lumbar Motion Monitor and F-Scan foot pressure system respectively. During motion conditions, significant decreases in trunk velocities were accompanied by significant increases in individual foot center of pressure velocities. These results suggest that during lifting and lowering loads in moving environments, the reaction to the wave-induced postural disturbance is accompanied by a decrease in performance speed so that the task can be performed more cautiously to optimize stability.

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Nima Dehghansai and Joseph Baker

identify the reach for each event. More specifically, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal attracted most of the participants from the local regions. However, the Calgary event attracted participants from Edmonton, while Halifax event covered a wide region of Nova Scotia and some areas of New Brunswick and Prince

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John Valentine

collapse. The eight affiliated stations lost a total of $5 million during the network’s first year of existence and the network lost $1 million. The Halifax station was on the verge of bankruptcy when the bank called in a loan. Compounding these financial struggles, CTV had agreed to pay Bell $12 million

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Stéphanie Girard, Jérôme St-Amand and Roch Chouinard

between screen time, physical activity, dietary intake and healthy weights in children and youth: literature review and recommendations for intervention . Halifax, Canada : Halifax Regional Physical Activity and the IWK Health Centre. Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection . Klein

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Ted M. Butryn, Matthew A. Masucci and jay a. johnson

-ppv-viewers-dana-white-coronavirus Iole , K . ( 2020 , March 24 ). Dana White talks Khabib vs. Tony, coronavirus and the future of the UFC . Retrieved from Kalman-Lamb , N . ( 2018 ). Game misconduct: Injury, fandom, and the business of sport . Halifax, Canada : Fernwood Publishing

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Diane M. Culver, Erin Kraft, Cari Din and Isabelle Cayer

practicing presenting their projects with feedback  • Second GENC meeting: Halifax, NS May 2018–May 2019 Program mentors continued one-on-one meetings and “Pod” meetings with project leaders June 2018 CoP Webinar: Leadership #2—Conflict Gears w Cari Din July 2018 CoP Webinar: Leadership #3—Conflict Gears

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Nicole Johnson, Katie Hanna, Julie Novak and Angelo P. Giardino

Psychology, 6 ( 4 ), 407 – 426 . doi:10.1080/1612197X.2008.9671882 10.1080/1612197X.2008.9671882 Kirby , S.L. , Greaves , L. , & Havinsky , O. ( 2000 ). The dome of silence: Sexual harassment and abuse in sport . Halifax, Canada : Fernwood Publishing . Massey , W.V. , & Whitley , M.A. ( 2016

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Gretchen Kerr, Anthony Battaglia and Ashley Stirling

, O. ( 2000 ). The dome of silence: Sexual harassment and abuse in sport . Halifax, Canada : Fernwood . Kwiatkowski , M. , Alesia , M. , & Evans , T. ( 2018 , January 31 ). A blind eye to sex abuse: How USA Gymnastics failed to report cases . IndyStar . Retrieved from https

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Mark Dottori, Guy Faulkner, Ryan Rhodes, Norm O’Reilly, Leigh Vanderloo and Gashaw Abeza

21 stories where journalists portrayed parents’ fears as unfounded, tacitly criticizing their worries. The Halifax Chronicle Herald mentioned parents’ attitudes toward risky physical activity: “We are unwilling to accept uncertainty and think risks aren’t acceptable. There is this perception that