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Rachael C. Stone, Zina Rakhamilova, William H. Gage and Joseph Baker

Older adults are the largest and fastest growing segment of the population, causing worldwide shifts in social, political, economic, and medical infrastructures ( Statistics Canada, 2013 ). Given these trends and subsequent concerns related to sustaining such infrastructures, research has begun to

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Brad J. Stenner, Amber D. Mosewich and Jonathan D. Buckley

those who do other physical activity (excluding sport; SportAus, 2018 , p. 12), suggesting that sport may be an option for increasing physical activity levels in some of the population aged 55 years and older. Golf is the most popular organized sporting activity for older adults in Australia

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Hayley Guiney, Michael Keall and Liana Machado

older adults’ mental, cognitive, and physical health are well-established (reviewed in Bauman, Merom, Bull, Buchner, & Fiatarone Singh, 2016 ). According to current evidence-based guidelines from the World Health Organization ( 2016 ) and US Department of Health and Human Services ( 2008 ), older

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Steve Amireault, John M. Baier and Jonathan R. Spencer

adding quality to older adults’ extended lives. However, age tends to be negatively associated with physical activity participation ( Bauman et al., 2012 ), and the current cohort of adults aged 65 years and older are the least physically active of any age group ( Sparling, Howard, Dunstan, & Owen, 2015

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Johan Pelssers, Emalie Hurkmans, Jeroen Scheerder, Norbert Vanbeselaere, Steven Vos, Tim Smits and Filip Boen

For decades, life expectancy has increased steadily in developed countries ( World Health Organization, 2006 ). Consequently, the number of older adults will increase accordingly. Aging is associated with higher risks of chronic disorders. Studies have shown that a sufficient level of physical

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Seoha Min, Sumin Koo and Jennifer Wilson

their study reported an increase in happiness from the pretest to the posttest. Similarly, Kim, Cho, Han, and Kim ( 2004 ) found that overall satisfaction with life was increased for participants who were using gardening as therapy. The benefits of gardening activities are even greater for older adults

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Dietrich Rothenbacher, Dhayana Dallmeier, Michael D. Denkinger, Bernhard O. Boehm, Wolfgang Koenig, Jochen Klenk and ActiFE Study Group

Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is the blood transport protein for testosterone and other steroids. Low SHBG serum levels are associated with many adverse health effects in older adults, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, endothelial function, specific cancers, and low bone mineral density

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Cui Zhang, Qipeng Song, Wei Sun and Yu Liu

Stair negotiation, such as ascent or descent, constitutes a major daily activity of living among older adults and is prone to high risk ( De Lima, Neto, & Teixeira, 2010 ; Hof, Bockel, Schoppen, & Postema, 2007 ). It contributes to 26% of self-reported falls on account of the environment

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Yoav Gimmon, Hisham Rashad, Ilan Kurz, Meir Plotnik, Raziel Riemer, Ronen Debi, Amir Shapiro and Itshak Melzer

Across all ages, walking is a fundamental physical activity. Aging is characterized by functional changes in the sensory, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems, affecting motor tasks including gait and postural balance ( Guralnik et al., 1994 ). Most of the falls among older adults occur while

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Mary O. Whipple, Erica N. Schorr, Kristine M.C. Talley, Ruth Lindquist, Ulf G. Bronas and Diane Treat-Jacobson

There is a plethora of evidence supporting the benefits of increasing exercise and reducing sedentary time among individuals of many different ages and fitness levels ( Garber et al., 2011 ; Stamatakis, Hamer, & Dunstan, 2011 ). Work with older adults demonstrates the positive influence of