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Christine M. Salinas and Frank M. Webbe

This paper aims to familiarize readers with the contemporary scientific literature available on sports concussion as it relates to populations divergent from adult males who play football and hockey. Herein, we focus on important issues such as age, gender, culture, language, sport type, and premorbid conditions (such as learning disabilities [LD] and attention deficit/hyperactive disorder [ADHD]) that can influence concussion incidence, severity, and recovery.

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George B. Cunningham, Risa Isard, and E. Nicole Melton

In 2021, transgender 1 individuals in sport experienced unparalleled gains and frustrating setbacks. On the one hand, the Women’s National Basketbal Association’s Layshia Clarendon rewrote the script for athletes in women’s sport since they came out as “non-cisgender” in 2015 ( Clarendon, 2015

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Rainer Martens

language. Vernon and Anna fell in love, married on March 21, 1947, in Munich, Germany, and with Rainer came to Hutchinson, Kansas, in April 1947. Vernon adopted Rainer and that’s how I became Rainer Martens. Sport as an Assimilator I began kindergarten in the fall of 1947, unable to speak English, but as

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr, and Timothy Kellison

The relationship between sport and the natural environment is bidirectional; that is, sport impacts the natural environment and is impacted by the natural environment. Since the 1990s, sport management scholars have predominantly explored the ways the sport industry impacts the natural environment

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Ceyda Mumcu and Gil Fried

Hello, my name is Beth and I am a junior at “University of K,” studying sport management. I want to take you through my journey of learning about sport analytics and what analytics means to me now. This semester, I am enrolled in a junior-level sport marketing class. I just completed an assignment

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Hunter Fujak, Stephen Frawley, Heath McDonald, and Stephen Bush

Commercial and technological developments within the sport and media industries have facilitated considerable growth in the opportunities to consume sport. Accordingly, the value of the North American sport market is projected to be valued at $71.6 billion in 2018 ( PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2015

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Yuhei Inoue, Mikihiro Sato, and Kevin Filo

Services compose a major portion of products offered by sport organizations ( Chelladurai, 2014 ). Meanwhile, there is a growing recognition that the production and consumption of services, in general, play a critical role in determining the well-being of individuals and collectives ( Anderson

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Joshua I. Newman

battlefields—namely, in the regions of epistemology and ontology. For Latour, these wars as waged in the academy present a double problem: on the one hand, matters of fact —climate change, warmer gulf waters leading to stronger and more frequent hurricanes, proliferating sport-induced head trauma leading to

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Stéphanie Turgeon, Kelsey Kendellen, Sara Kramers, Scott Rathwell, and Martin Camiré

Sport is one of the most popular extracurricular activities for high school students in Canada and the United States. In Canada, high school sports are practiced by over 750,000 student-athletes throughout the country ( School Sport Canada, 2018 ). In the United States, high school sport

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Windee M. Weiss

and persistence through an extensive rehabilitation process may become the responsibility for athletic trainers. Applying key concepts from the sport commitment model (SCM), 2 – 4 to sport injury rehabilitation may give the athletic trainer important tools to facilitate motivation and persistence in