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J. Luke Pryor, Brittany Christensen, Catherine G. R. Jackson and Stephanie Moore-Reed

(METs). 4 The available research examining the metabolic demands of yoga suggests that yoga as a whole is a light-intensity activity. 11 However, a particular sequence called Surya Namaskar (also known as Sun Salutations A) seems to elicit metabolic demands comparable with moderate

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Jennifer L. Huberty, Jeni L. Matthews, Meynard Toledo, Lindsay Smith, Catherine L. Jarrett, Benjamin Duncan and Matthew P. Buman

moderate-intensity (Power and Surya Namaskar) ( Hagins, Moore, & Rundle, 2007 ; Spilde, Porcari, Greany, Doberstein, & Foster, 2005 ). To estimate EE, participants in the Power yoga study completed a maximal treadmill test using the Balke protocol and those in the Surya Namaskar study completed the yoga

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Soubhagyalaxmi Mohanty, Balaram Pradhan and Alex Hankey

the practices Breathing practices (5 min) Hands in and out breathing Ankle stretch breathing Sasankasana breathing   Tiger breathing Loosening practices (10 min) Jogging and jumping Mukha dhouti Forward and backward bending Twisting   Surya Namaskar Yoga—asanas (20 min) Standing asana Ardha Chakrasana