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Bo Li and Olan Scott

striker Wu Lei. The news suddenly became one of the breaking topics on Weibo, also known as the Chinese version of Twitter, and there were more than 365,000 comments on the story on the service ( Tang, 2020 ). On March 24, Red Star News, a Chinese digital news app, reported that Wu had recovered from

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Zhengjia Liu and Dan Berkowitz

Social media have changed the way that social actors participate in sports events. “Prosumers” are able to directly offer different interpretations without journalists’ mediation when a social issue arises. However, social media do not fundamentally change the significance of cultural narratives in communication. This study focuses on discussions initiated by a commercial feed on a Chinese microblogging site during the 2012 London Olympic Games. Qualitative textual analysis was conducted. The study found that enduring cultural narratives create the predrafts of social-media communication; the instantaneity of microblogging referred to not simply its physical appearance but also the meaning of that appearance. In addition, social-media texts illustrate a society’s ongoing stories. Going beyond the limitations of previous control-vs.-freedom paradigms, this study explores a Chinese consumer society that is more dynamic and complex than previous studies would suggest.

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Bo Li, Olan K.M. Scott, Stirling Sharpe, and Qian Zhong

Sun Yang’s case on social media? b. How has the general public reacted and responded to the case on social media? Methods Sampling This study aims to examine the Chinese public perception toward Sun Yang during the doping violation scandal and associated CAS hearing. Weibo—China’s leading social media

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Jueyin Zheng

the team’s Weibo account and connect with other Patriots fans, whereas a new or casual fan who visits to learn more about the game’s rules will be directed to our Rookie Page, which focuses on more foundational information about the game itself. Zheng : As we all know, (Mandarin) Chinese is the

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Qingru Xu and Andrew C. Billings

, indicated that the national table tennis team and some news agencies were “informed” that they should not mention Liu Guoliang’s sudden removal in public: One day before the protest, Guo Bin posted messages on Weibo to complain that the members of the national table tennis team were forbidden to comment on

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Andrew Kim, Minhong Kim, Steven Salaga, and James J. Zhang

-expression, habitual use, escape, information surveillance, building a virtual community, companionship, coolness, and relationship building Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and Weibo Billings et al. ( 2017 ) U.S. sports Information seeking, relaxation, social interaction, and escape Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Yann Abdourazakou, Xuefei (Nancy) Deng, and Gashaw Abeza

social media usage. Li, Dittmore, Scott, Lo, and Stokowski ( 2019 ) explored whether social media users’ motivations differed when following a sport organization on two similar microblogging services: Twitter and Weibo. The authors reported that Weibo users had higher motives for obtaining information

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Anton Behrens, Yanxiang Yang, and Sebastian Uhrich

selection of communication channels that might be unique in the target market such as the Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Sina Weibo. The second category of local integration includes optional adaptations, that is, the deliberate decision of a brand to emphasize a sense of closeness to the culture

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Daniel Maderer, Petros Parganas, and Christos Anagnostopoulos

sport teams provides avenues for further research. For instance, it might be advantageous to expand the range of social-media tools and include others that are prominent in different geographic areas (e.g., Sina Weibo in China) or to compare interaction rates of fans in different countries. Other

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Wenting Zhou, Yajun Qiu, and Haibo Tian

platforms, including WeChat and Weibo, which are commonly used by Chinese people. If there is, the researchers added or followed the participants’ social accounts with consent and further collected relevant information. Participants The study was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Department