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Mathias Hegele and Friedrike Seyfried

In this opinion paper, we aim to delineate the development of the person–object differentiation in visuomotor behavior as established during the first two years of life, which can be conceived as a precursor for the broader distinction between animate and inanimate entities, which in turn form the basis of the more inclusive biological–nonbiological distinction (Poulin-Dubois, Lepage, & Ferland, 1996). We then discuss embodied sensorimotor simulation, which allows us to use the self as a model for perceiving objects in our environment, as a potential mechanism underlying this distinction.

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Amy Price, Dave Collins, John Stoszkowski and Shane Pill

process that causes outcome or goal to be met. Self-organisation guided by constraints, for players (not coach) to apply structure to the process. Game Centred Approach (GCA) Teaching Games for Understanding ( Bunker & Thorpe, 1982 ) Shaping action & understanding in context (know-how because

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Tammy Sheehy, Sam Zizzi, Kristen Dieffenbach and Lee-Ann Sharp

can decide” (Eduardo). Enhanced Interactions Coaches particularly valued working with their SPCs to build strategies to enhance their interactions with athletes and others in their environment. These strategies included helping coaches understand behavior and engage in mindful actions. Understanding