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The Gerald R. Ford Administration and the Olympic Movement: Political Games

Erin E. Redihan

the limits of his position, Ford’s administration dealt with four Olympic-related issues: the creation of the President’s Commission on Olympic Sports, funding for the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games, the revocation of Radio Free Europe’s press credentials in Innsbruck, and the status of the Republic of

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Recognizing the Impact of Bias in Faculty Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement Processes

Jared A. Russell, Sheri Brock, and Mary E. Rudisill

, physical conflict), a targeted individual can turn to administration and units on campus such as the office of Title IX, affirmative action, human resources, and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to address the matter. Consequently, explicit bias is more easily identified and addressed

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Survey of National Collegiate Athletic Association Athletic Trainers’ Administration of the National Wrestling Coaches Association Weight Certification Program

Samuel L. Konrath and Dale R. Wagner

wrestler. 9 , 10 There is also research documenting the efficacy of the NCAA’s weight management program. 7 – 9 However, there has yet to be a study examining the administration of the NCAA’s weight management program. Consequently, the goal of this study was to survey NCAA Division I athletic trainers

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Does the Method of Administration Affect Reliability of the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure?

Christopher J. Burcal, Sunghoon Chung, Madison L. Johnston, and Adam B. Rosen

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are useful tools to assess patient function and monitor rehabilitation progress. The paper versions of PROs can be time-consuming due to manual grading, which may be a barrier to utilizing these outcomes. 1 Digital methods of administration (MOA) have been shown to

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Effect of Administration Method on Near Point of Convergence Scores in a Healthy, Active, Young Adult Population

Jacqueline Phillips, Kelly Cheever, Jamie McKeon, and Ryan Tierney

Key Points ▸ NPC administration needs to be standardized to produce clinically-meaningful results. ▸ Using a fingertip to measure NPC produces different results versus an accommodative ruler. ▸ Ruler placements affect NPC scores. Signs and symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and blurred vision

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Examining Practice and Learning Effects With Serial Administration of the Clinical Reaction Time Test in Healthy Young Athletes

Cindy N. Nguyen, Reuben N. Clements, Lucas A. Porter, Nicole E. Clements, Matthew D. Gray, Dustin J. Killian, and Russell T. Baker

could be influenced if a learning effect was present with serial administration. Throughout an athlete’s career, concussion assessments may be repeated several times through baseline testing, initial concussion evaluation, and return to activity assessment. 13 , 14 Because reaction time improvement

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Pharmacokinetic Profile of Caffeine and Its Two Main Metabolites in Dried Blood Spots After Five Different Oral Caffeine Administration Forms—A Randomized Crossover Study

Chiara Tuma, Andreas Thomas, Lasse Trede, Hans Braun, and Mario Thevis

sports, the utilization of alternative forms of caffeine administration during competitive exercise is considered favorable, as it does not impose any stress on the gastrointestinal system. Moreover, it is imperative to note that the timing of caffeine intake is of equal importance, and short absorption

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A Feasibility Trial for Virtual Administration of the Test of Gross Motor Development-3 for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Laura A. Prieto, Benazir Meera, Heather Katz, and Luis Columna

administration (i.e., via computer). Therefore, determining the feasibility of remote FMS assessment has the potential to address concerns regarding accessibility to services and the accuracy of assessment in various environments ( Wilson et al., 2020 ). The purpose of this study was to explore the trial

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Enhancing Athletic Performance through the Administration of Peppermint Odor

Bryan Raudenbush, Nathan Corley, and William Eppich

Previous research has indicated that odorant presentations can have both positive and negative effects on psychological perceptions of athletic task performance. The present study extends past research by assessing how the administration of peppermint odor affects actual athletic task performance. Forty athletes undertook a series of physical tasks under conditions of no-odor or peppermint odor. The peppermint odor condition resulted in increases in running speed, hand grip strength, and number of push-ups, but had no effect on skill related tasks such as basketball free-throw shots. The implications are particularly salient in regard to enhancing athletic performance using a nonpharmacological aid and as an adjunct to athletic training and physical therapy.

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Sport Administration in the People’s Republic of China

John A.W. Baker, Xiang-Jun Cao, David Wei Pan, and Weili Lin

The effectiveness of the centralized sport system in China has been demonstrated by the achievements of athletes in international competition and the extent of mass sports participation; however, the efficiency of the system has been questioned. A government survey determined that administrators within the system came from diverse backgrounds with little or no training in sport, physical education, or management techniques. This situation is being remedied through workshops for existing administrators and 4-year degree programs for future administrators. This study provides information regarding the different perspectives of sport administration in China, the structure of the workshops and degree programs, and efforts being made to ensure that an already effective system becomes more efficient. All data were obtained from prime source materials and from surveys conducted by one of the authors.