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Special Admission: How College Sports Recruitment Favors White Suburban Athletes

Rick Eckstein

By Kirsten Hextrum. Published 2021 by Rutgers University Press . $34.95. 242 pp. ISBN: 9781978821200 As the legal proceedings conclude in the so-called Varsity Blues college admissions debacle, Kirsten Hextrum’s new book, Special Admission , could not have come at a better time. Hextrum

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The National Academy of Kinesiology 2020 Review and Evaluation of Doctoral Programs in Kinesiology

John H. Challis

-related indices can be divided into four categories (admissions, support, publications, and employment): their weightings were Students Indices—34% Admissions —12% Selectivity—2% GRE: verbal—5% GRE: quantitative—5% Graduate assistant support —13% Doctoral publications —2% Employment —7% Postdoctoral

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The “Making” of World-Class Athletes Is Still a Case for Humble Admissions

Ralph Beneke

admission that the understanding of what really defines the required talents, how they evolve, and how they can be guided to world-class level is still very limited so far. The future “making” of world-class athletes will essentially remain the interaction of humans with a wide range of different roles

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Physical Activity Levels of Older Persons Admitted to Transitional Care Programs: An Accelerometer-Based Study

Salih A. Salih, Nancye M. Peel, Di Enright, and Wendy Marshall

between the level of PA and functional outcome for older persons particularly in the community. In the inpatient rehabilitation setting, a study by Peel and Kuys ( 2013 ) found a significant relationship between the average daily walking activity prior to discharge and change in gait speed from admission

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Physical Activity as Measured by Accelerometers Predicts Functional Improvement in Older Patients Undergoing Hospital Rehabilitation

Takuro Ohtsubo, Masafumi Nozoe, Masashi Kanai, and Katsuhiro Ueno

all patients. Data Collection Basic information was recorded on admission, including age, sex, primary reason for admission (musculoskeletal, neurological, or other disorders), length of acute hospital stay, Charlson comorbidity index ( Tessier et al., 2008 ), and body mass index (BMI). We measured

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Chapter 2: The Teacher Pipeline for PETE: Context, Pressure Points, and Responses

Phillip Ward

.e., the challenges); and responses to the pressure points that are designed to stem the reductions in admissions and to in turn increase admissions (i.e., the capacities for program growth). Figure 1 —The teacher pipeline. I want to draw the reader’s attention to four considerations that should be used in

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Factors Associated With Skeletal Muscle Mass Increase by Rehabilitation in Older Adults With Vertebral Compression Fractures

Takahiro Ogawa, Yuki Sueyoshi, Shintaro Taketomi, and Nobumasa Chijiiwa

Clinical information on admission, including age, sex, height, body weight, appendicular skeletal muscle index (SMI), and functional independence measure (FIM), were, retrospectively, reviewed from the clinical database as baseline data. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated as weight in kilograms divided

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Content Analysis of Sport Management Graduate Degree Programs in the United States

David Pierce, James Johnson, John Miller, and Benjamin Downs

than undergraduate, a picture does emerge on required coursework, admission requirements, and degree completion through culminating experiences. Coursework Schneider and Stier ( 2000 ) identified 10 core concepts of sport management graduate programs, including (a) sociocultural, (b) management and

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Associations Between Physical Activity Vital Sign in Patients and Health Care Utilization in a Health Care System, 2018–2020

Cindy Y. Lin, Trever J. Ball, Nicole L. Gentile, Valerie F. McDonald, and Andrew T. Humbert

and costs of care. One study found that PA among adults over 65 years old was significantly and inversely related to total length of inpatient admissions after controlling for comorbidities and self-reported health status. 20 They found that PA did not predict physician visits, emergency department

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Strength and Power Improvements in Athlete and Non-Athletes During Intensive Eating Disorder Treatment

Laura K. Fewell, Riley Nickols, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney, and Cheri A. Levinson

-athletes. Specifically, the following questions were evaluated: 1) if all patients engaging in a graded exercise program improved in physical measures at discharge compared to admission; 2) if AN patients undergoing weight gain improved in physical measures at discharge compared to admission; and 3) if athletes and non