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Zachary Y. Kerr, Susan W. Yeargin, Yuri Hosokawa, Rebecca M. Hirschhorn, Lauren A. Pierpoint and Douglas J. Casa

research. 15 In addition, ATs reported air temperature prior to athletic activities, although the specific data collection method was not reported. A reportable AE was defined as 1 athlete participating in 1 school-sanctioned practice or competition. EHI was defined as follows: (1) occurring as a result

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Ray M. Merrill

altitude), as well as urban residency, poverty, tobacco smoking, and obesity, have been associated with physical activity. The influence of these variables on physical activity may be direct or indirect. Associations may also be modified by other variables such as gender. A direct effect of air temperature

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Emanuele D’Artibale, Maheswaran Rohan and John B. Cronin

-placed rider (in seconds); status of the last rider crossing the finish line under the checkered flag (unlapped/lapped); race conditions as declared from RD at the start of the race (dry/wet); air temperature (in °C); humidity (in percentage); and ground temperature (in °C). In a racing tournament, riders

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Ben T. Stephenson, Sven P. Hoekstra, Keith Tolfrey and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey

races started between 16:00 to 16:30 (2017 event) and 17:00 to 18:30 local time (2018 event), depending on athletes’ race category. Environmental conditions during the 2017 race were air temperature = 33°C, relative humidity = 41%, water temperature = 27°C, and wind velocity = 11 km·h −1 , and during

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Kevin Lanza, Brian Stone Jr, Paul M. Chakalian, Carina J. Gronlund, David M. Hondula, Larissa Larsen, Evan Mallen and Regine Haardörfer

Measurement Hourly air temperature and dew point data (May–September 2000–2016) from the weather station at each city’s major airport (ie, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport) were downloaded online from the

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Carlo Capelli

investigated speeds 3 and equal to .58 for a cyclist riding an aerodynamic racing bicycle 3 and .84 for a traditional racing bicycle 5 in a fully dropped position. The air density ρ for an air temperature of 20°C and a barometric pressure of 760 mm Hg, disregarding the contribution of water vapor, amounts

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Garrison A. Chan and Dale R. Wagner

use the WBGT index to assess heat stress. The WBGT is a comprehensive index that takes into account air temperature, humidity, and radiation. Specifically, WBGT includes the measurement of wet bulb temperature (humidity), dry bulb temperature (ambient temperature), and globe temperature (radiant heat

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Pål Haugnes, Jan Kocbach, Harri Luchsinger, Gertjan Ettema and Øyvind Sandbakk

wind, partly cloudy, air temperature of −18°C, snow temperature of −19°C, ∼55% humidity, and atmospheric pressure of ∼1008.3 hPa. The course was covered with hard-packed mixed snow and was machine-prepared in the morning prior to testing. Methodology A VO 2 peak test on roller ski employing the G3

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Alejandro Muñoz, Álvaro López-Samanes, Alberto Pérez-López, Millán Aguilar-Navarro, Berta Moreno-Heredero, Jesús Rivilla-García, Pablo González-Frutos, José Pino-Ortega, Esther Morencos and Juan Del Coso

effects of CAFF on several aspects of handball physical performance. In both trials, the experimental procedures were performed at the same time of day to avoid the influence of circadian rhythms on performance. 24 Air temperature and humidity were monitored during both trials with a portable weather

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Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, Mojtaba Azizi, Ali Samadi, Nahid Talebi, Hannes Gatterer and Martin Burtscher

participant characteristics and biomarkers. A P value of <.05 was considered statistically significant. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS Statistics, Version 22.0 (IBM, Armonk, NY). Results The soccer game started at 4:00 PM on February 15, 2016. On the match day, the ambient air temperature was