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Soubhagyalaxmi Mohanty, Balaram Pradhan, and Alex Hankey

matched for age, gender, height, weight, and degree of blindness. None had prior experience of yoga practice. The two cohorts were constituted as follows: The yoga group consisted of 41 children aged 12.00 ± 2.03, whereas controls consisted of 42 children aged 12.74 ± 2.32. The study was a single-blind

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Jeffrey J. Martin, Erin E. Snapp, E. Whitney G. Moore, Lauren J. Lieberman, Ellen Armstrong, and Staci Mannella

VI. All participants had a VI and were categorized as either low vision or complete blindness. In addition to measuring barriers to PA with the PABQ-VI, PA levels and barrier self-efficacy were also assessed. The resultant omega coefficients and the Guttman split-half coefficient suggested that the

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Ric Lovell, Sam Halley, Jason Siegler, Tony Wignell, Aaron J. Coutts, and Tim Massard

numerically blinded RPE (RPE blind ) scales, 15 – 17 a method in which the athlete uses a touch screen to record their rating, with the associated numerical value undisclosed. While this technique has conceptual value, to our knowledge, its validity has not yet been evaluated. Hence, the purpose of this

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Andrew G. Wood, Jamie B. Barker, Martin Turner, and Peter Thomson

-kick simulation for an elite blind soccer player presents a significant activating event. In elite blind soccer, penalty kicks are awarded to the opposing team after accruing five team fouls. Penalty-kick importance is escalated during the knockout stages of major international tournaments if the game ends in a

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Kamila Grandolfi, Vandre Sosciarelli, and Marcos Polito

single 1RM test, as there seems to be high reliability when compared with repeated tests. 5 , 6 However, regardless of the training status of the subjects, the methodological quality of the study design suggests blinding of several variables. 7 In studies involving exercise training, it is not possible

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Gisela Kobberling, Louis W. Jankowski, and Luc Leger

The oxygen consumption (VO2) of 30 (10 females, 20 males) legally blind adolescents and their sighted controls were compared for treadmill walking (3 mph, 4.8 km/h) and running (6 mph, 9.6 km/h). The VO2 of the visually impaired subjects averaged 24.4% and 10.8% higher than those of their same-sex age-matched controls, and 42.8% and 11.2% higher than the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) norms for walking (p<.01) and running (p<.05), respectively. The normal association between aerobic capacity and locomotor energy costs was evident among the sighted controls (r= .44, p<.05) but insignificant (r=.35, p>.05) for the visually impaired subjects. The energy costs of both walking and running were highest among the totally blind subjects, and decreased toward normal as a function of residual vision among the legally blind subjects. The energy costs of walking and running for blind adolescents are higher than both those of sighted controls and the ACSM norm values.

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Parisa Alaei, Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari, Soofia Naghdi, Zahra Fakhari, Shiva Komesh, and Jan Dommerholt

(IRCT 2016112231018N1) was a single-blind randomized controlled trial conducted in the Physiotherapy Clinic of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). The study protocol was approved by the Review Board of the School of Rehabilitation, and the Ethical Committee of Tehran (Ethics code: IR

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Cesar L. Teixeira, Paulo V. Mezzaroba, and Fabiana A. Machado

of Maringá (UEM) (2.554.517/2018). Study Design The study had a randomized, crossover, double-blind, and placebo-controlled design, and all participants were following experimental conditions: PBM with LED (420 J total dose applied), placebo (PLA), and control (C). The order of conditions (PBM, PLA

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Karinna Sonálya Aires da Costa, Daniel Tezoni Borges, Liane de Brito Macedo, Caio Alano de Almeida Lins, and Jamilson Simões Brasileiro

would increase the neuromuscular performance as well as reduce postural oscillation in individuals subjected to ACL reconstruction. Methods Design This is a blinded randomized controlled trial. Participants The study sample consisted of 48 men (mean age: 27.4 [6.2] y; body mass index: 26.8 [3.8] kg/m 2

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Philip Hurst, Samantha Saunders, and Damian Coleman

] = 0.95%; Hurst & Board, 2017 ). Since 2004, parkrun has established weekly, free, 5-km running events that take place in more than 650 locations globally, with some events hosting over 1,000 runners ( parkrun, 2020 ). We used a double-blind, quasi-randomized, and placebo-controlled trial to