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Stacie L. Wing-Gaia, Andrew W. Subudhi and Eldon W. Askew

The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of purified oxygenated water on exercise performance under hypoxic conditions. Nine recreational male cyclists (age = 26.6 ± 5.2 y, weight = 87.6 ± 19.5 kg, VO2peak = 46.5 ± 5.9 mL · kg−1 · min−1) completed two 600 kJ cycling time trials under hypoxic conditions (FIO2 = 13.6% O2, Pbar = 641 mmHg) separated by 2 wk. Trials were completed following 3 d ingestion of 35 mL · kg−1 · d−1 of control (CON) or experimental (EXP) water. Time to completion, heart rate (HR), rate of perceived exertion (RPE), pulse oximetry (SaO2), blood gases (PcO2 and PcCO2), and lactate were measured during the trials. Hydration was assessed with pre- and post-exercise body weight and 24-h urine specific gravity. Performance, hydration, and blood oxygenation were unaffected by EXP water. Results of this study suggest that purified oxygenated water does not improve exercise performance in moderately active males.

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Louisa D. Raisbeck, Jed A. Diekfuss, Dustin R. Grooms and Randy Schmitz

). Zentgraf et al 16 provided specific instructions to direct subjects’ attention internally (focus on their fingers when pressing the keys) or externally (focus on the keys being pressed). Results revealed that an external focus demonstrated a significantly higher blood oxygenation level dependent response

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Tomás Chacón Torrealba, Jaime Aranda Araya, Nicolas Benoit and Louise Deldicque

measure of performance during the FSKT while the power output and the speed of movement could have been valuable parameters to determine as well. Finally, we did not record heart rate nor blood oxygenation. Practical Implications Based on the present results, we could recommend taekwondoists to add HIIT

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Luca Pollonini, Lauren Gulley Cox and Stacey L. Gorniak

worsened health state outside of DM diagnosis and severity. These data indicate that a poor overall health state, independent of specific DM medical management, is a significant contributor to the functional use of blood oxygenation by muscle. These blood flow dynamics are not as poor as other

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Xavier Woorons, François Billaut and Henry Vandewalle

desaturation. The recovery periods following sprints and blocks were performed with normal breathing in all subjects of both groups. Over the 6 training sessions, the mean power output of each sprint was measured (Wattbike Expert software; Wattbike Ltd). To estimate the level of blood oxygenation, we also

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Brice T. Cleland and Sheila Schindler-Ivens

function (boxcar function convolved with a gamma function) to the measured blood-oxygenation-level dependent (BOLD) signal. Conventional fMRI signal processing for block designs in which the entire BOLD signal is fit to a canonical function may not be appropriate for detecting pedaling-related brain

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Wonjae Choi and Seungwon Lee

exercise can improve age-related cerebral perfusion by microvascular changes, resulting in an increase in cerebral blood oxygenation and brain activity ( Villringer & Dirnagl, 1995 ). Therefore, VKP exercise might influence the integration of white brain matter and contribute to cognitive improvement by

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Junyeon Won, Alfonso J. Alfini, Lauren R. Weiss, James M. Hagberg and J. Carson Smith

, T.-M. , Kay , A.R. , & Tank , D.W . ( 1990 ). Brain magnetic resonance imaging with contrast dependent on blood oxygenation . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 87 ( 24 ), 9868 – 9872 . PubMed ID: 2124706 doi: 10.1073/pnas.87.24.9868 Petersen