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Carla Filomena Silva and P. David Howe

This paper is a call to Adapted Physical Activity (APA) professionals to increase the reflexive nature of their practice. Drawing upon Foucault’s concept of governmentality (1977) APA action may work against its own publicized goals of empowerment and self-determination. To highlight these inconsistencies, we will draw upon historical and social factors that explain the implicit dangers of practice not following policy. We propose that APA practitioners work according to ethical guidelines, based upon a capabilities approach (Nussbaum, 2006, 2011; Sen, 2009) to counteract possible adverse effects of APA practitioner action. A capabilities approach is conducive to the development of each individual’s human potential, by holistically considering the consequences of physical activity (i.e., biological, cultural, social, and psychological dimensions). To conclude, this paper will offer suggestions that may lead to an ethical reflection aligned with the best interest of APA’s users.

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Sarah Zipp, Tavis Smith and Simon Darnell

women to participate in sport is mitigated at various stages and levels by this oft-overlooked aspect of one’s lived experience. Figure 2 —Capabilities approach (CA) in sport for development (SFD) model. Adapted from Zipp’s dissertation ( 2017a ). Capabilities Focusing in on the concept of capabilities

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Research The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Evidence-Based Practice 1 Marcel Bouffard * Greg Reid * 1 2012 29 1 1 24 10.1123/apaq.29.1.1 Difference, Adapted Physical Activity and Human Development: Potential Contribution of Capabilities Approach Carla Filomena Silva * P. David Howe * 1 2012

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2019 33 5 426 439 10.1123/jsm.2018-0258 jsm.2018-0258 Development, Gender and Sport: Theorizing a Feminist Practice of the Capabilities Approach in Sport for Development Sarah Zipp * Tavis Smith * Simon Darnell * 1 09 2019 33 5 440 449 10.1123/jsm.2019-0126 jsm.2019-0126 A Nascent Sport for

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Jon Welty Peachey, Nico Schulenkorf and Ramon Spaaij

design: Introduction to the special issue . International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 16 ( 1/2 ), 1 – 4 . Zipp , S. , Smith , T. , & Darnell , S. ( 2019 ). Development, gender and sport: Theorizing a feminist practice of the capabilities approach in sport for development

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Johannes Carl, Gorden Sudeck and Klaus Pfeifer

, “the capabilities approach expands our horizons and directs our attention to additional elements.” 91 Within the scope of the health capability framework, PAHCO can be interpreted as determining the individual agency for a healthy and physically active lifestyle (see the definition by Ruger 78 ). This

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Rob Millington, Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Audrey R. Giles and Steven Rynne

context of landedness, racial categories, and settler colonialism. Foregrounding a capabilities approach within Indigenous communities may be one pathway to such a decolonizing approach so as to view sport less as tool of development or as a “social activity that teaches practical lessons, develops

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Øyvind F. Standal, Tor Erik H. Nyquist and Hanne H. Mong

& R.A. Swanson (Eds.), The history of exercise and sport science (pp.  39 – 108 ). Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics . Silva , C.F. , & Howe , P.D. ( 2012 ). Difference, adapted physical activity and human development: Potential contribution of capabilities approach . Adapted Physical

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Amanda Ebert and Donna L. Goodwin

ed. , pp.  108 – 128 ). Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Publishing . Silva , C.F. , & Howe , D.P. ( 2012 ). Difference, adapted physical activity and human development: Potential contribution of capabilities approach . Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 29, 25 – 43 . PubMed ID: 22190052 doi:10

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Margaret E. Whitehead, Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers and Niek Pot

, pp.  91 – 128 ). Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics . Nussbaum , M.C. ( 2000 ). Women and human development: The capabilities approach . Cambridge, MA : Cambridge University Press . 10.1017/CBO9780511841286 Nussbaum , M.C. ( 2011 ). Creating capabilities: The human development approach