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Ulrika Olsson Möller, Jimmie Kristensson, Patrik Midlöv, Charlotte Ekdahl and Ulf Jakobsson


To investigate the effects of a home-based one-year case management intervention in older people with functional dependency and repeated contact with the health care services on self-reported falls and self-reported injurious falls.


The study was a randomized controlled trial with repeated follow-ups. The sample (n = 153) was consecutively and randomly assigned to the intervention group (n = 80, mean age = 81.4 [SD 5.9]) or control group (n = 73, mean age = 81.6 [SD 6.8]). The intervention group received a case management intervention which comprised monthly home visits during 12 months by nurses and physiotherapists employing a multifactorial preventive approach.


In the intervention group, 96 falls occurred during the intervention period compared with 85 falls in the control group (p = .900). There were 40 and 38 injurious falls (p = .669) in the intervention and control groups, respectively.


This home-based case management intervention was not able to prevent falls or injurious falls.

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Jack C. Watson II, Samuel J. Zizzi, Edward F. Etzel and John R. Lubker

The applied sport psychology supervision experiences of student and professional members of AAASP (N = 313) were surveyed. The results revealed that of those who provide applied sport psychology consultation, students were more likely than professionals to receive supervision and to receive weekly supervision. However, both groups received equal amounts of supervision and had case management as the primary component of their supervision. AAASP professional members providing supervision were more likely to hold certified consultant and licensure status than those who did not provide supervision. Only 22.4% of professionals reported providing applied sport psychology supervision, 75.9% of whom had little or no training in supervision. No differences were found in the amount, type, and quality of supervision provided to students from physical education/sport science programs and those in psychology programs.

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Original Research Effects of a One-Year Home-Based Case Management Intervention on Falls in Older People: A Randomized Controlled Trial Ulrika Olsson Möller * Jimmie Kristensson * Patrik Midlöv * Charlotte Ekdahl * Ulf Jakobsson * 10 2014 22 4 457 464 10.1123/JAPA.2013-0101 Physical

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Salih A. Salih, Nancye M. Peel, Di Enright and Wendy Marshall

. It offers a package of services in the community or residential care setting or combination of both, which includes case management, personal care, community health assistance and allied health for a maximum period of 12 weeks ( Gray et al., 2012 ). There is limited data examining the association

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Derek T. Smith, Tannah Broman, Marcus Rucker, Cecile Sende and Sarah Banner

practices such as assigned advisors aligned by program, case management, and early career exploration, there is an opportunity for advisors and faculty to build partnerships that create a positive transfer culture. Advisors at 4- and 2-year institutions can intentionally partner and educate one another to

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Claudia Meyer, Sophie Hill, Keith D. Hill and Briony Dow

dementia, caregiver and other community-based services, building rapport ( Meyer, 2016 ) and providing expert advice and linkage with key services based on a person-centered care plan. Knowledge brokering could be a logical addition to the case management role, as the link between research evidence and

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Simon Rice, Matt Butterworth, Matti Clements, Daniel Josifovski, Sharyn Arnold, Cecily Schwab, Kerryn Pennell and Rosemary Purcell

than four consultation sessions are required, the service provider seeks extension and approval from the mental health manager. In situations where additional case-management support needs are identified, the mental health adviser, with permission from the athlete, will liaise with appropriate agencies