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Pål Haugnes, Per-Øyvind Torvik, Gertjan Ettema, Jan Kocbach and Øyvind Sandbakk

classical style, the main technique during a sprint race, and in particular in the finish sprint, is double poling (DP) 8 where all propulsive forces are produced through the poles. 9 In the G3 skating technique, which is used in the same terrain types as DP, propulsion is generated concurrently by the

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Pål Haugnes, Jan Kocbach, Harri Luchsinger, Gertjan Ettema and Øyvind Sandbakk

( V max ) utilized in different terrains. Here, both Andersson et al 1 and Haugnes et al 26 reported that skiers reach ∼80% to 85% of their V max on flat terrain in the finish sprint during a simulated skating sprint time trial on snow. In the classical style, similar values were found for HIT

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Thomas Haugen, Gøran Paulsen, Stephen Seiler and Øyvind Sandbakk

reported by Swarén and Eriksson 73 (ie, 1350 W) using the classical style in a 1500-m sprint race. Even higher values are most likely possible to reach for elite skiers during a 100-m maximal sprint with the skating technique, but this has not yet been examined. Sex Differences More contractile tissue can

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Pirkko Markula

an average audience of 3 million viewers. 5 According to its producer and head judge Lythgoe, the point of SYTYCD is to challenge, not train, the dancers. SYTYCD features the dancers in multiple dance styles ranging from western contemporary/classical styles, ballroom styles, hip-hop/street styles