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Eva A. Jaarsma, Damian Haslett and Brett Smith

this miscommunication between organizations and people with disabilities can be improved, this study focuses on how these two groups are connected within a communication network. Communication networks are networks in which people are linked by flows of information, such as knowledge about PA

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Opal Vanessa Buchthal, Nicole Taniguchi, Livia Iskandar and Jay Maddock


Physical inactivity is a growing problem in the United States, one that is being addressed through the development of active living communities. However, active living promotion requires collaboration among organizations that may not have previously shared goals.


A network analysis was conducted to assess Hawaii’s active living promotion network. Twenty-six organizations playing a significant role in promoting active living in Hawaii were identified and surveyed about their frequency of contact, level of collaboration, and funding flow with other agencies.


A communication network was identified linking all agencies. This network had many long pathways, impeding information flow. The Department of Health (DOH) and the State Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition (NPAC) were central nodes, but DOH connected state agencies while NPAC linked county and voluntary organizations. Within the network, information sharing was common, but collaboration and formal partnership were low. Linkages between county and state agencies, between counties, and between state agencies with different core agendas were particularly low.


Results suggest that in the early stages of development, active living networks may be divided by geography and core missions, requiring work to bridge these divides. Network mapping appears helpful in identifying areas for network development.

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Colin D. McLaren and Kevin S. Spink

the total possible connections due to exchanging information were present on Team A (i.e., 131 reported out of 156 possible), while only 47% were present on Team B (73 reported of 156 possible). Accordingly, the density of the winning team’s communication network was higher than that of the losing

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Grace Yan, Ann Pegoraro and Nicholas M. Watanabe

resources into the effect of mobilization ( Tilly, 1978 ). Additionally, it shapes the protest repertoire by disseminating discursive information ( Melucci, 1989 ). An investigation of the communication networks thus provides insights for the structure, unity, or vulnerability of the social movement

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Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Kyle B. Heuett, Tarkington J. Newman and Shea M. Brgoch

in urban situation . Manchester, UK : Manchester University Press . Monge , P.R. , & Contractor , N.S. ( 2003 ). Theories of communication networks . New York, NY : Oxford University Press . Mosher , M. ( 1979 ). The team captain . Volleyball Technical Journal, 4, 7 – 8 . National

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Jaime R. DeLuca and Emily Fornatora

introspection in which “you realize you don’t have those skills yet and that’s what you need to learn” (ASM-FG). Table 4 Skill Competencies Acquired Through Applied Course Skill competency SSS ASM SSC BMLS Enhanced written communication ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Enhanced verbal communication ✓ ✓ ✓ Networking skills

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Volker Cihlar and Sonia Lippke

procedure, which could have influenced the response rate because refusals in telephone surveys are considerably lower in surveys that include mobile communication network ( Häder, Häder, Graeske, Kurz, & Schneiderat, 2009 ). Compared to the recent wave of the German Survey on Volunteering, which included

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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

). “You're the kind of guy we all want for a drinking buddy”: Expressions of parasocial interaction on . Western Journal of Communication, 73 , 182 – 203 . 10.1080/10570310902856063 Kim , B. , & Kim , Y. ( 2017 ). College students’ social media use and communication network

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Laura Misener, Landy Di Lu and Robert Carlisi

structure where collaboration has not been a normative practice, but rather a constant competition for scarce, uncertain resources. As a forum for open communication, where there previously was none for parasport organizations in Ontario, OPLG members have benefited through improved communication networks

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Michael Kirkwood, Sheau-Fen Yap and Yingzi Xu

. Leibenstein , H. ( 1950 ). Bandwagon, snob, and veblen effects in the theory of consumers demand . Quarterly Journal of Economics, 64 , 183 – 207 . doi:10.2307/1882692 10.2307/1882692 Lee , J. , & Lee , H. ( 2010 ). The computer-mediated communication network: Exploring the linkage between the