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Mattia Piffaretti and Benjamin Carr

performance, is, indeed, characterized by a feeling of mind–body fusion, a sense of mastery, deep concentration, increased confidence, and an overall release of tension. This mental fluidity is described as one of the pathways to a positive experience of sport ( Hanin, 2000 ). More recent research ( Aherne et

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Rhys J. Thurston

but there are unintended consequences, such as concentration and attention spans. Millennial’s beliefs and experiences surrounding stimulation, concentration, and attention are often vastly different when compared with other generations. A prime example is watching television. The days of sitting

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Travis Anderson, Sandra J. Shultz, Nancy I. Williams, Ellen Casey, Zachary Kincaid, Jay L. Lieberman, and Laurie Wideman

concentrations may be associated with greater risk of ACL injury in female athletes ( Dragoo, Castillo, Braun, et al., 2011 ). Since relaxin is secreted primarily from the corpus luteum, concentrations will fluctuate throughout a normal menstrual cycle. As such, and consistent with female sex hormone profiles

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Xiaomin Sun, Zhen-Bo Cao, Kumpei Tanisawa, Satomi Oshima, and Mitsuru Higuchi

football ( Guo et al., 2013 ; Murata et al., 2016 ; Selden et al., 2009 ) athletes, who often intentionally try to increase their body mass as a means of performance enhancement. Selden et al. ( 2009 ) reported that players from the National Football League have higher fasting glucose concentrations

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Maxime Mastagli, Aurélie Van Hoye, Jean-Philippe Hainaut, and Benoît Bolmont

study aimed to test the relationships between an empowering motivational climate ( Smith et al., 2015 ) and PE pupils’ concentration and distraction, mediated first by each basic psychological need, and then by positive and negative affect. Concentration and Distraction The PE literature has shown that

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Ioanna Athanasiadou, Sven Christian Voss, Wesal El Saftawy, Hind Al-Jaber, Najib Dbes, Sameera Al-Yazedi, Waseem Samsam, Vidya Mohamed-Ali, Mohammed Alsayrafi, Georgia Valsami, and Costas Georgakopoulos

List under the class S2 (peptide hormones, growth factors, related substances, and mimetics), prohibited both in and out of competition in male athletes ( WADA Prohibited List, 2018 ). For the determination of LH concentrations in urine, anti-doping laboratories use immunoassays capable of measuring

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Aubrey Newland, Rich Gitelson, and W. Eric Legg

of this study was to cross-sectionally examine the relationship between mental skills and grit in participants in the 2017 Arizona Senior Olympic Games. In other words, we sought to answer the following question: Does mental skills use (e.g., coping under pressure, concentration, confidence and

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Evangelos Galanis, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Nikos Comoutos, Fedra Charachousi, and Xavier Sanchez

.1080/10413200.2012.761658 Moran , A.P. ( 1996 ). The psychology of concentration in sport performance . East Sussex, UK : Psychology Press Publishers . Moran , A.P. ( 2009 ). Attention, concentration and thought management . In B. Brewer (Ed.), The Olympic handbook of sports medicine and science: Sport psychology

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Jón Gregersen, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Evangelos Galanis, Nikos Comoutos, and Athanasios Papaioannou

the 100 m sprinter? The Sport Psychologist, 11 , 72 – 85 . doi:10.1123/tsp.11.1.72 10.1123/tsp.11.1.72 Moran , A. ( 1996 ). The psychology of concentration in sport performers: A cognitive analysis. Hove, UK : Psychology Press . Moran , A . ( 2009 ). Attention in sport . In S

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Francisco José de Menezes-Junior, Íncare C. Jesus, Caroline Brand, Jorge Mota, and Neiva Leite

(blood) BDNF ( 8 ). Peripheral measurement is solely used in humans since central BDNF levels are not feasible to determine ( 9 ). This measure may still be important since peripheral and central BDNF concentrations have been associated in animal studies ( 10 ). The circulating BDNF is divided into 2