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Concurrent Validity of 2D and Inertial Goniometer Motion Assessment

Kornelius Kraus, Elisabeth Kraus, Boris Gojanovic, and Francois Fourchet

Key Points ▸ The reliability of manual goniometry is highly dependent on the examiner. ▸ The concurrent validity of the inertial goniometer was very high compared to a 2D analysis. ▸ The ease of use, time efficiency, and concurrent validity supports the application of inertial goniometry. Range of

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Measuring the Concurrent Validity of the Athletic Skills Track Using Expert Judgment

Johanna E.A. Brocken, John van der Kamp, Rene Wormhoudt, Matthieu L. Lenoir, and Geert J.P. Savelsbergh

a lesson. Hoeboer et al. ( 2016 ) showed that the AST has good concurrent validity by correlating the time needed to complete the track with the outcome on the Körperkoordinationstest für Kinder ( Kiphard & Schilling, 2007 ; Lenoir & Vandorpe, 2013 ), another product-oriented test, which measures

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Concurrent Validity and Reliability of Sprinting Force–Velocity Profile Assessed With GPS Devices in Elite Athletes

Pauline Clavel, Cedric Leduc, Jean-Benoît Morin, Cameron Owen, Pierre Samozino, Alexis Peeters, Martin Buchheit, and Mathieu Lacome

transformed to reduce bias arising from nonuniformity error. However, values presented in the text and figures are the back-transformed data. The concurrent validity was assessed with Bland–Altman method mean bias (90% CI), the typical error of the estimate (90% CI) both in percentage and standardized units

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Concurrent Validity of a Commercial Wireless Trunk Triaxial Accelerometer System for Gait Analysis

Roel De Ridder, Julien Lebleu, Tine Willems, Cedric De Blaiser, Christine Detrembleur, and Philip Roosen

IMU to a golden standard, such as the GAITRite ® system with proven reliability and validity of spatiotemporal gait parameters. 8 The purpose of this study was to confirm the test–retest reliability and concurrent validity of a commercially available body-worn sensor—BTS G-WALK ® sensor system

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Concurrent Validity and Reliability of a Handheld Dynamometer in Measuring Isometric Shoulder Rotational Strength

Bin Chen, Lifen Liu, Lincoln Bin Chen, Xianxin Cao, Peng Han, Chenhao Wang, and Qi Qi

Previous studies have shown that handheld dynamometry is superior to isokinetic testing, manual muscle testing, and externally fixed dynamometry in that it is cost effective and highly portable but still achieves strong concurrent validity and excellent reliability for isometric muscle strength assessment

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Concurrent Validity of a Portable Force Plate Using Vertical Jump Force–Time Characteristics

Jason Lake, Peter Mundy, Paul Comfort, John J. McMahon, Timothy J. Suchomel, and Patrick Carden

dual-plate system yields a typical measurement range upper limit of 8.8 kN with protection up to 13.2 kN. Although it appears that this portable force plate system may provide a realistic alternative to established systems, nothing is known about its reliability and concurrent validity. Currently, a 1

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Concurrent Validity of Lower Limb Muscle Strength by Handheld Dynamometry in Children 7 to 11 Years Old

Ryan Mahaffey, Megan Le Warne, Stewart C. Morrison, Wendy I. Drechsler, and Nicola Theis

intends to measure, can be assessed through concurrent collection of data from the instrument and a gold standard. 6 Few studies have assessed concurrent validity of HHD for use in children. Hebert et al 7 assessed the concurrent validity of HHD compared with ID in adolescents, 13–17 years old

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Concurrent Validity Between Electronically Administered Physical Activity Questionnaires and Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Danish Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Rasmus T. Larsen, Christoffer B. Korfitsen, Carsten B. Juhl, Henning Boje Andersen, Henning Langberg, and Jan Christensen

, 2015 ). Because of this, the investigation of concurrent validity of participant-reported physical activity measurements and thus the ability to reflect objectively measured physical activity, including daily steps, provides knowledge of the applicability of the measurements, which in turn, is crucial

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Concurrent Validity of the Garmin Vivofit®4 to Accurately Record Step Count in Older Adults in Challenging Environments

Jacinta I. Foster, Katrina L. Williams, Barbra H.B. Timmer, and Sandra G. Brauer

daily activity if the device remains worn for normal activities of daily living within indoor and outdoor environments. Concurrent validity of the Garmin Vivofit®4 has not been published; however, other Garmin models have demonstrated promising results. An earlier model, the Vivofit®2, has shown low

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Reliability and Concurrent Validity of Smartphone Clinometer Application for Measuring Scapular Rotations in Subjects With and Without Shoulder Pain

Varmeet Kaur, Meena Makhija, and Vandana Phadke

study has explored the accuracy of a smartphone app to measure scapular rotations. This technical report evaluates the reliability (intrarater and interrater) and concurrent validity of the Clinometer app to measure scapular UR and tilt in subjects with and without shoulder pain. We hypothesized good to