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David I. Anderson

of actions from the skeletomuscular system. Consequently, the contents of conscious awareness have a direct influence on whether our behaviors are adaptive or maladaptive. This idea has profound implications for practitioners who seek to expand conscious awareness of the self and the relation between

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Judy L. Van Raalte, Allen E. Cornelius, Elizabeth M. Mullin, Britton W. Brewer, Erika D. Van Dyke, Alicia J. Johnson and Takehiro Iwatsuki

form influences thought automatically ( Zwaan & Radvansky, 1998 ), exposure to self-talk primes such as the interrogative “Will I?”, even without participant conscious awareness or intention to use the statements in a particular manner, could prove to be performance enhancing. Thus, Senay et

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Pedro Ángel Latorre-Román, Juan Francisco Fernández-Povedano, Jesús Salas-Sánchez, Felipe García-Pinillos and Juan Antonio Párraga-Montilla

of an intelligent central governor located in the subconscious brain. It seems likely that brain regulation operates at different levels of awareness, such that minor homeostatic challenges are addressed automatically without conscious awareness, whereas larger metabolic disturbances attract

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Yonghwan Chang, Daniel L. Wann and Yuhei Inoue

-concept with a particular sport team, which is shaped without conscious awareness but that stems from long-term membership experiences with the team . Spectators’ Flow Experiences and iTeam ID Spectators often experience time distortion, detachment from their surroundings, and a loss of self-consciousness due

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Alan J. McCubbin, Gregory R. Cox and Ricardo J.S. Costa

disagree ), and results only recorded if the participant clicked on the slider, to prevent data being recorded as 50% due to failure to answer the question. Intended practices Participants were asked to indicate whether they were consciously aware of the amount of sodium they consume in the days preceding

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Justin B. Hollander, Ann Sussman, Peter Lowitt, Neil Angus and Minyu Situ

and to optimize the placement of advertisements on a busy page. 41 No published research to date, however, has applied VAS to better understand the human experience of architecture and urban planning or place. Understanding where we look without conscious awareness—at “first-glance,” as 3M notes 10

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Alexander Tibor Latinjak

conscious awareness and memory. Yet such procedures provide access to cognitive activation and metacognitive knowledge that cannot be obtained through other methods ( Guerrero, 2005 ), such as observational (e.g., Zourbanos et al., 2015 ) or neuropsychological (e.g., Andrews-Hanna et al., 2010

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Femke van Abswoude, John van der Kamp and Bert Steenbergen

traditionally been conceived as motor skills that progress through distinct stages, during which control is initially explicit or conscious but eventually becomes implicit or automatized ( Adams, 1971 ; Anderson, 1983 ; Fitts & Posner, 1967 ). Consequently, learners must first become consciously aware of

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Shrehan Lynch and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

within the sociocultural foundations class. These findings were described in Florence’s themes: deinstitutionalization and dialogue . Bob’s themes were social justice illiteracy, dissonance, anger , and immobilization , and Michael’s themes were consciously aware, shock, immobilization, practice to

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Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers, Nigel R. Green and Margaret E. Whitehead

people. Burkitt ( 1999 ) explains that “there is a primordial coexistence between the body and its world, which grounds the possibility of developing conscious awareness and knowledge” (p. 74). It is argued that as humans we create ourselves by interacting with the world around us and that the richer and