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Matthew R. Nagy, Molly P. O’Sullivan, Shannon S. Block, Trevor R. Tooley, Leah E. Robinson, Natalie Colabianchi and Rebecca E. Hasson

activities for the high-intensity condition consisted of jumping jacks, bear crawls, crab walks, and other vigorous calisthenics. During the sedentary condition, participants were given a tablet and instructed to select and play app-based games for the 2-minute breaks. Children completed each condition in

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Matthew Nagy, Molly O’Sullivan, Shannon Block and Rebecca E. Hasson

included standing, static stretching, and yoga poses; the activities for the moderate-intensity condition were sit-ups, push-ups, and age-appropriate calisthenics; and the activities for the high-intensity condition were bear crawls, jumping jacks, crab walks, and other vigorous calisthenics. A standard

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Yucui Diao, Cuixiang Dong, Lisa M. Barnett, Isaac Estevan, Jing Li and Liu Ji

(72.6%) had engaged in skipping but many (77.2%) didn’t know the name of this skill. This also occurred with the step and slide and standing long jump, but children did understand when the skills were explained as ‘crab walk’ and ‘jump with two feet’. Table 1 The Percentage of Skills Demonstrated

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Jon L. Weller

including singles, doubles, mixed doubles, crab races (where you were required to paddle with your hands), jousting, standing races (where participants stood on the gunwales and paddled themselves), canoe sailing, and much more. These events attracted many participants and even more spectators. While they