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Ben-El Berkovich, Aliza H. Stark, Alon Eliakim, Dan Nemet and Tali Sinai

Rapid weight loss (RWL) or “cutting weight” prior to competition is well documented in weight category sports ( Franchini et al., 2012; Malliaropoulos et al., 2018 ). It is assumed that athletes who weigh the most within a given weight category have a physical advantage over lighter weight

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Boris Dugonjić, Saša Krstulović and Goran Kuvačić

began cutting weight (years) 18.5 ± 2.8 10–28  Postcompetition weight regains (kg) 2.8 ± 1.4 1–6  Rapid Weight Loss Questionnaire score 52.4 ± 12.9 22.5–81 Figures  1 and 2 represent frequency analysis of weight usually lost, as well as the most weight lost, expressed as athlete’s percentage of BW. A

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Kadhiresan R. Murugappan, Michael N. Cocchi, Somnath Bose, Sara E. Neves, Charles H. Cook, Todd Sarge, Shahzad Shaefi and Akiva Leibowitz

highlight that the dangers of weight cutting extend beyond athletes with sickle cell trait. Sports nutritionists should be familiar with the dangers of severe dehydration in combat sports athletes. Those working with athletes cutting weight should regularly assess weight and hydration status and encourage

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Andreas M. Kasper, Ben Crighton, Carl Langan-Evans, Philip Riley, Asheesh Sharma, Graeme L. Close and James P. Morton

.0000113668.03443.66 Barrabi , T. ( 2013 , September). Leandro ‘Feijao’ souza dead: ‘Shooto Brazil 43’ cancelled after Brazilian MMA fighter dies while ‘cutting weight’ . International Buisness Times (IBT) . Retrieved from

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Victor Silveira Coswig, Bianca Miarka, Daniel Alvarez Pires, Levy Mendes da Silva, Charles Bartel and Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio

before and after the combat, as this knowledge is already agreed upon among researchers. In addition, the most cited influencers for cutting weight were coaches/masters/trainers, and the most common methods used, and symptoms related to RWL, consisted of exercise practice/liquid restriction and dizziness