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Jeffrey Graham, Allison Smith and Sylvia Trendafilova

conflicting demands, stress, burnout, and depression ( Altfeld, Mallett, & Kellmann, 2015 ; McLean & Mallett, 2012 ; McNeil, Durand-Bush, & Lemyre, 2018 ; Smith, Taylor, & Hardin, 2017 ; Taylor & Hardin, 2016 ; Taylor, Smith, & Hardin, 2017 ). Craig realized that a lot of the research suggested that the

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Gareth J. Jones, Kristy McCray and Robin Hardin

anxiety, depression, and job turnover; and a higher probability of litigation ( Clarke, Ford, & Sulsky, 2016 ; Cortina & Magley, 2003 ; Hogan, 2006 ; Glomb, Munson, Hulin, Bergman, & Drasgow, 1999 ). Another intriguing finding was that education and training via classroom and/or internships did not

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Jerred Junqi Wang

slump, its survival during the Great Depression, and its growth in the age of affluence. This book is not only an account of the supply and demand of the American bicycle industry but also a mirror reflecting the social changes that shaped the industry and the cultural mood that colored its various

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Daniel E. Ballou

bicycling industry during and after the Great Depression. There is plentiful information in these chapters, and clearly Turpin did a tremendous amount of research. That is recognized and appreciated, but I felt like much of the information contained in these six chapters started reading the same, chapter

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Kristi Sweeney

6, “John L. Griffith and the Depression Years,” begins. This chapter describes how Griffith continued his fight for amateur ideals and self-governance, while battling the critics of intercollegiate athletics, or, as he referred to them, the “Athletic Jeremiahs.” The chapter ends with a new decade

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Fallon R. Mitchell, Sara Santarossa and Sarah J. Woodruff

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Tywan G. Martin, Jessica Wallace, Young Ik Suh, Kysha Harriell and Justin Tatman

to the head ( Laskas, 2009 ). A more recent study of former NFL players diagnosed 110 of the 111 brains examined with CTE ( Mez et al., 2017 ). Former NFL players linked to the diagnosis of CTE have suffered from symptoms such as depression, memory loss, and aggressive behavior. Although CTE is of

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Kathryn L. Heinze and Di Lu

involves a complex pathophysiological process” ( Harmon et al., 2013 , p. 15) that has physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. Repeated concussions may have long-term health effects, such as cognitive impairment ( Guskiewicz et al., 2005 ), depression ( Guskiewicz et al., 2007 ), and dementia ( McKee

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Sophie Knights, Emma Sherry, Mandy Ruddock-Hudson and Paul O’Halloran

more frequent feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression ( Alfermann, 2000 ). For the purposes of this study, the term transition referred to the period of time from which an athlete voluntarily planned that they no longer wanted to continue their career, or from an unanticipated termination, up until

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Yong Jae Ko, Yonghwan Chang, Wonseok Jang, Michael Sagas and John Otto Spengler

and involves aspects of depression, frustration, and guilt” ( Black, Organ, & Morton, 2010 , p. 1455). In general, neuroticism is highly associated with negative affect ( Larsen & Ketelaar, 1989 ); therefore, individuals high in neuroticism are likely to experience distress, depression, and despair