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Early Career Professionals’ (Researchers, Practitioners, and Policymakers) Role in Advocating, Disseminating, and Implementing the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity: ISPAH Early Career Network View

Artur Direito, Joseph J. Murphy, Matthew Mclaughlin, Jacqueline Mair, Kelly Mackenzie, Masamitsu Kamada, Rachel Sutherland, Shannon Montgomery, Trevor Shilton, and on behalf of the ISPAH Early Career Network*

multiple stakeholders (eg, health agencies, local and national governments, nongovernmental agencies, city officials and planners, professional bodies, the media, academia, and civil society) 16 for successful implementation. Early career professionals (ECPs), including researchers, practitioners, and

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Early Career Experiences of Physical Education Teachers in Urban Schools

Sara Barnard Flory

The purpose of this study was to examine the early career experiences of three physical education (PE) teachers who taught in urban charter schools. Using cultural relevance theory, three early career PE teachers were observed and interviewed for approximately six weeks each. Data were analyzed using constant comparison. Two major themes emerged from the data: the mechanisms of school support, and achieving ‘insider’ versus ‘outsider’ status during teachers’ early careers. These findings highlight the challenges that early career PE teachers face in urban schools, and demonstrate how being a culturally relevant teacher can improve teaching in physical education.

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“Post or Perish”? An Early Career Researcher’s Guide to Using Social Media

Emma S. Cowley, Kelly McNulty, Ciaran M. Fairman, and Lee Stoner

for collaboration (oftentimes breaking international borders), and (3) as a substantial information provider (ie, news on events/conferences, funding sources, and employment opportunities). Furthermore, for early career researchers (ECRs) in particular, social media can be used to build a personal

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“My Methods Courses Feel Like Walmart”: Influence of Secondary Organizational Socialization on Early Career Faculty Members’ Implementation of PETE

Jamie Jacob Brunsdon and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

PETE delivered in universities and the environments in which FMs work. The limited amount of sport pedagogy socialization research that has included a secondary organizational socialization component suggests that early career FMs begin their careers with one of three orientations to teacher education

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Impact of Secondary Organizational Socialization on North American, Asian, and European Early Career Faculty Members’ Delivery of Physical Education Teacher Education

Meghan Dennis, Seungsoo Baek, Adam M. Wolecki, Wonhee Lee, Natalia D. Molska, R. Tanner Ryan, and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

strategically complied ( Lacey, 1977 ) with these adverse cultures and conditions. More experienced FMs or inexperienced FMs who worked in mildly negative cultures and conditions were more likely to attempt strategic redefinition, a strategy that involved greater risk. Early career FMs and more experienced FMs

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The Influences of Pre-Professional Socialization on Early Career Physical Educators

Sara B. Flory and Nate McCaughtry

The purpose of this study was to examine how three PE teachers’ personal biographies before their formal teacher education programs influenced their early careers in urban schools. Using occupational socialization theory and cultural relevance theory, we conducted in-depth interviews and observed early career physical education teachers who did not grow up in urban communities for approximately six weeks each. Data were analyzed using constant comparison. Two major themes emerged as influential in the teachers’ successes and struggles in urban schools, including their exposure to diversity, and family views of culture. These findings suggest that the pre-professional socialization experiences of teachers also include the development of cultural templates, biases, and values, and that many teachers may not accurately or critically reflect on their teaching practices. Further research should examine how PETE programs prepare middle-class teacher candidates for diverse schools.

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The Early Careers of International Athletes

Christopher L. Stevenson

From an interactionist perspective which sees socialization as identity formation and recognizes the importance of both the creation and confirmation of role-identities, the present research examined the early stages of the careers of international athletes (N=29). The athletes’ introductions to the sports in which they would eventually gain international status were “sponsored” by a variety of individuals: parents, siblings, peers, and others. Such introductions did not automatically create an immediate commitment on the part of the athlete to his or her sport. For 18 of the athletes, other contingencies had to occur before they became committed to their sports, and their commitment was based on the two considerations of (a) potential for success and (b) the people involved in the sport. The eventual commitments of the athletes were developed and deepened by the processes of entanglements, commitments, and reputations and identities. All of these developments in the athlete’s career were understood from the point of view of the athlete striving to appropriate desirable and valued role-identities from the options available and obtaining confirmation of these identities from significant others.

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An Evaluation of a Mental Toughness Education and Training Program for Early-Career English Football League Referees

Liam A. Slack, Ian W. Maynard, Joanne Butt, and Peter Olusoga

The present study evaluated the effectiveness of a Mental Toughness Education and Training Program (MTETP) in elite football officiating. The MTETP consisted of four individual and two group-based workshops designed to develop mental toughness (MT) and enhance performance in three English Football League (EFL) referees. Adopting a single-subject, multiple-baseline-across-participants design, MT and referee-assessor reports were evaluated. Self and coach-ratings of MT highlighted an instant and continued improvement in all three referees during the intervention phases. Performance reports of all referees improved throughout the intervention phases compared with the baseline phase. Social validation data indicated that an array of strategies within the MTETP facilitated MT development. Discussions acknowledge theoretical and practical implications relating to the continued progression of MT interventions in elite sport.

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It’s Complicated: Examining Connections Between Emotions and Career Stages Among Physical Educators

Karen Lux Gaudreault, Denis Schulz, Kelly Simonton, Kevin Andrew Richards, and Kevin Mercier

accomplishment, and perceived resilience ( Simonton et al., 2022 , 2023 ). In these studies, it was found that early career in-service teachers tend to report more anxiety and that teacher enjoyment can potentially reduce the negative impact of perceived marginality and increase teacher resilience. Enjoyment

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“A 15% Reduction in Physical Inactivity Will Be Achieved in Australasia by 2030”—Audience Votes Negative in Online Debate

Bridget C. Foley, Mathew McLaughlin, Sarah Edney, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam, Jessica Seymour, Louisa R. Peralta, Angela Douglas, Simon Rosenbaum, Holly Thorpe, Janice Atkin, Tim Olds, and Ding Ding

Amidst the devastating impacts of COVID-19 globally and the mandated importance of implementing the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA) 2018–2030 4 , 5 —the Early Career Network at the Australasian Society for Physical Activity (ASPA), 6 in partnership with the