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Alfredo Bravo-Sánchez, Pablo Abián, Filipa Sousa, Fernando Jimenez, and Javier Abián-Vicén

( Agyapong-Badu, Warner, Samuel, & Stokes, 2016 ), and there are no data about age-related changes in tendon mechanical properties measured with this equipment. Strain elastography (SE) using ultrasound also allows a noninvasive assessment of tissue mechanical properties ( Park & Kwon, 2011 ). The SE, based

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Brian J. Diefenbach, Anthony S. Kulas, Christopher J. Curran, and Patrick M. Rider

Shear wave elastography (SWE), an expansion of traditional ultrasound, is an imaging technique used to measure the material properties of soft tissues. This is done by noninvasively quantifying the material properties of the tissues in real time. Images are produced by shear waves sent into the

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Kenji Kanazawa, Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Takuya Sekiguchi, Ryo Fujita, Kazuaki Suzuki, Masashi Koide, Akira Ando, and Yutaka Yabe

restriction in shoulder ROM. Shear-wave elastography is a technique that was developed to analyze tissue quality, with a focus on elasticity. 17 Shear-wave elastography provides noninvasive quantitative and local elastic information on soft tissues in real time, based on viscoelastic properties. 17 The

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Thilo Hotfiel, Marion Kellermann, Bernd Swoboda, Dane Wildner, Tobias Golditz, Casper Grim, Martin Raithel, Michael Uder, and Rafael Heiss

surrounding tissue. 11 In the field of ultrasound elastography, various techniques are available to determine the tissue’s stiffness in order to generate and assess tissue deformation. Some of the studies assessing muscle tissue are dealing by the means of strain elastography, in which the examiner manually

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Itsuroh Shimizu, Hiroichi Miaki, Katsunori Mizuno, Nobuhide Azuma, Takao Nakagawa, and Toshiaki Yamazaki

elasticity of the TrA was measured at rest and during hollowing with maximum effort through ultrasonography (HI VISION Avius; HITACHI Aloka Medical, Tokyo, Japan) with the SL-18-5 linear ultrasound transducer in real-time tissue elastography mode. The probe was set to the target region parallel to the muscle

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Isabel Mayer, Matthias W. Hoppe, Jürgen Freiwald, Rafael Heiss, Martin Engelhardt, Casper Grim, Christoph Lutter, Moritz Huettel, Raimund Forst, and Thilo Hotfiel

force impulse (ARFI) elastography in imaging of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): a comparative analysis with 3T MRI . J Sport Rehabil . 2018 ; 27 ( 4 ): 348 – 356 . PubMed ID: 28513280 doi:10.1123/jsr.2017-0003 10.1123/jsr.2017-0003 36. Cho KH , Nam JH . Evaluation of stiffness of the

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Zachary J. Domire, Matthew B. McCullough, Qingshan Chen, and Kai-Nan An

A common complication associated with aging is the stiffening of skeletal muscles. The purpose of this study was to determine the ability of magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) to study this phenomenon in vivo. Twenty female subjects were included in the study with an age range of 50 to 70 years. Shear modulus was calculated for the tibialis anterior of each subject. There was not a significant relationship between age and shear modulus. However, three subjects had abnormally high values and were among the oldest subjects tested. There was a significant relationship between age and tissue stiffness homogeneity. More research is needed to determine whether the changes seen here are reflective of increased tissue cross-linking or related to reduced muscle quality. However, MRE shows promise as a tool to study aging-related muscle stiffness changes or to evaluate treatments to counteract these changes.

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Kentaro Chino and Hideyuki Takahashi

mass lead to a further understanding the association of muscle stiffness with passive joint stiffness and the sex-related difference in the joint stiffness. Shear wave elastography is an ultrasound-based imaging technique that measures shear wave velocity propagating in a region of interest defined on

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Masatoshi Nakamura, Shigeru Sato, Ryosuke Kiyono, Nobushige Takahashi, and Tomoichi Yoshida

pain and discomfort. 11 , 12 The measurement of passive stiffness of MTU was associated with the complete muscle-articular complex, including muscular and nonmuscular structures. 13 , 14 Therefore, the shear elastic modulus measurement used by ultrasound shear wave elastography was recommended to

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Gakuto Kitamura, Hiroshige Tateuchi, and Noriaki Ichihashi

streamline posture, which is related to LBP in swimmers. Currently, shear wave elastography is known to be able to assess muscle stiffness noninvasively. However, no studies have compared the elastic moduli of the hip flexor and shoulder muscle or the lumbar extension angle during a DK between swimmers with