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Kevin Hull

The daily routine of local sports broadcasters is as busy as it has ever been, as they are expected to anchor the evening sportscast, write stories, film games, and update the station Web site. Twitter has added yet another duty to their job, but they do not seem to mind this assignment. In a survey of local sports broadcasters throughout the U.S., over 90% of those who responded to the survey said they either “liked” or “loved” Twitter. In addition, more than 80% of respondents said that they did not consider using Twitter at work to be a burden. Implications regarding extra-role behaviors and work engagement are discussed.

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.e., extra-role behaviors) to the group. As expected, people high in narcissism were less willing to engage in extra-role behaviors when assigned to lower status roles. Importantly, these individuals may have been less likely to extend themselves to assist the group because roles seemed final. In a

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Adam Love and Seungmo Kim

introduced in two pioneering studies ( Bateman & Organ, 1983 ; Smith, Organ, & Near, 1983 ) in the 1980s ( LePine, Erez, & Johnson, 2002 ). Such related constructs include prosocial organizational behavior ( Brief & Motowidlo, 1986 ), extra-role behavior ( Van Dyne, Cummings, & McLean-Parks, 1995 ), civic

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Akira Asada and Yong Jae Ko

>3.0.CO;2-S Ganesh , M.P. , & Gupta , M. ( 2010 ). Impact of virtualness and task interdependence on extra-role performance in software development teams . Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 16 ( 3/4 ), 169 – 186 . doi:10.1108/13527591011053250 10.1108/13527591011053250 Gibson

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Matthew D. Curtner-Smith, Gary D. Kinchin, Peter A. Hastie, Jamie J. Brunsdon and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

different sports that the students had never played before to hold their attention and “level the playing field” for those who were more and less able. Dennis, for example, taught a season of tchoukball. Finally, George added a number of extra roles for his culminating event: We try and take it as overboard

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Laura J. Burton, Jon Welty Peachey and Janelle E. Wells

, X. ( 2014 ). Toward an understanding of when and why servant leadership accounts for employee extra-role behaviors . Journal of Business and Psychology, 30 ( 4 ), 657 – 675 . doi: 10.1007/s10869-014-9388-z 10.1007/s10869-014-9388-z Parolini , J. , Patterson , K. , & Winston , B. ( 2009

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George B. Cunningham and Calvin Nite

departments and coaches’ extra-role behaviors . Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 1, 124 – 144 . Schull , V. , Shaw , S. , & Kihl , L.A. ( 2013 ). “If a woman came in… she would have been eaten up alive:” Analyzing gendered political processes in the search for an athletic director

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Jacqueline McDowell, Yung-Kuei Huang and Arran Caza

. , & Lee , W. ( 2013 ). Effectiveness of authentic leadership in the context of sports . Abstract retrieved from North American Society for Sport Management Conference Abstracts . (Abstract 2013Q097) Lapierre , L.M. ( 2007 ). Supervisor trustworthiness and subordinates’ willingness to provide extra-role