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Mary G. McDonald

Michael Jordan ’s body offers a significant site to explore larger cultural meanings and anxieties in post-Reagan America. Informed by cultural studies sensibilities, this paper explores selected sporting and advertising accounts to suggest that representations of Jordan’s athletic body are constructed by promoters in ways which rely on particular associations of Black masculinity, sexuality, and the nuclear family. The carefully crafted image of Michael Jordan offers an enticing portrait of Black masculinity, playing off notions of natural athleticism and family sentiment in ways designed to induce devotion. This public persona of Jordan participates in the moralistic “family values” climate of post-Reagan America, while simultaneously working to deny historical and stereotypical depictions of Black masculinity as overtly erotic and dangerous. Thus marketing strategies encourage a voyeuristic, albeit “safe” enjoyment of Jordan’s commodified body.

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Stephanie M. Mazerolle, Emily Sterling and Jim Mench

Women athletic trainers leave the profession of athletic training after the age of 28. The reasons appear complex, but are not well defined in the literature, as many studies examine intent, not actual attrition. We used a descriptive qualitative study with a general inductive approach. Twelve females (4 single with no children, 5 married with children, and 3 married with no children) who left the profession of athletic training between the ages of 28 and 35 participated. Attrition from athletic training for our participants was triggered by organizational, individual, and sociocultural factors. These can be broken down to four main themes of family values, work-life imbalance, sexism, and financial concerns.

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Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom and Emma Arksey

, 2013), and upholds “many regional and international human rights standards,” ( Jubb, 2014 , p. 289). In contrast, law 846—the reform law—was passed in 2013 in order to “re-introduce a family values perspective, especially via mediation, which feminists rejected because it promoted male perpetrators

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Steve Booth Marston

of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird signaled more marketable identities in the next decade, it was Michael Jordan who balanced “cool” with a post-Reagan “family values” respectability to offer the optimally commodifiable iteration of Black masculinity, propelling the league’s popularity and global

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Stéphanie Girard, Jérôme St-Amand and Roch Chouinard

youth spend on PA in their free time (e.g., access to sports facilities, family values, parental support, etc.). That said, the wording of the items in the questionnaire directs participants to perceptions of competence and the LTPA in the same school year. The effects may be cumulative, and the

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Volker Cihlar and Sonia Lippke

) were scaled down, accordingly. This led to a continuous variable with a range from 0 to 17. Family engagement consists of the single items child care and care for sick or disabled people (nursing care) , both belonging to the individual’s own family. Values were assigned as described for active