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Scott W. Cheatham and Russell Baker

Floss or compression bands are a popular myofascial compression intervention used by sports medicine professionals. Floss bands are typically made from latex and are available in different widths, densities, and lengths. Traditionally, professionals will teach the client to wrap a predetermined

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Brittany N. Kiefer, Kyle E. Lemarr, Christopher C. Enriquez, Kristin A. Tivener and Todd Daniel

Even though adaption of the Voodoo Floss Band is gaining momentum, evidence-based literature on its effectiveness remains sparse. The purpose of this quantitative observational design study was to investigate the effects of the Voodoo Floss Band on soft-tissue flexibility and perception of movement. A repeated-measures ANOVA with between-subjects factor demonstrated both groups significantly improved GH flexion range of motion from pretest to post-test but there was not a statistically significant difference between the groups. Perceptions of flexibility increased more for the Voodoo Floss Band group, demonstrating a psychological increase in GH flexion, but not a physical increase.

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Blair Mills, Brad Mayo, Francisco Tavares and Matthew Driller

The anecdotal use of floss bands among athletes is becoming a popular strategy to increase joint range of motion (ROM), enhance prevention and rehabilitation from injury, and improve athletic performance, despite limited evidence for its efficacy. 1 Tissue flossing involves the wrapping of a thick