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Hans Braun, Judith von Andrian-Werburg, Wilhelm Schänzer and Mario Thevis

Football is one of the world’s most famous sports, played by over 30 million females worldwide. Fifty-four percent of all registered female football players are youth players ( 18 ). In Germany, football, following gymnastics, is the most common sport for girls aged 7–18 years, played by a total of

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Stine Nylandsted Jensen, Andreas Ivarsson, Johan Fallby and Anne-Marie Elbe

activities in football, it is surprising that there is very little research on the actual gambling behavior of elite football players. Previous research on professional athletes has indicated that elite athletes may be more vulnerable than the general population to gambling addiction, given the large number

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Cathal Cassidy, Kieran Collins and Marcus Shortall

 al., 1999 ). Therefore, the aims of the current study were to examine the macronutrient intake of elite male Gaelic football players on the 2 days preceding competition (Day 1 and Day 2) and on the match day prior to the game (match day) in order to determine whether there was a difference between (a

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Håvard Wiig, Thor Einar Andersen, Live S. Luteberget and Matt Spencer

-intensity events; HSRD, high-speed running distance; sRPE-TL, session rating of perceived exertion training load; VHSRD, very high-speed running distance. Discussion In this study, we modeled the effect of external load variables on sRPE-TL during training sessions in elite football players, using an individual

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Gabriel Lozano-Berges, Ángel Matute-Llorente, Alejandro Gómez-Bruton, Alejandro González-Agüero, Germán Vicente-Rodríguez and José A. Casajús

et al., 2004 ) and adolescents ( Rodriguez et al., 2005 ) to find the one that best fits with their morphology. It has been known that only Reilly et al. ( 2009 ) and Santi-Maria et al. ( 2015 ) created specific equations for adult and adolescent male football players, respectively. However, cross

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Mattias Eckerman, Kjell Svensson, Gunnar Edman and Marie Alricsson

Football players are highly exposed to injuries. According to Ekstrand et al, 1 muscle injuries represent 31% of all injuries in football, with muscles of the lower limb representing 92% of all muscle injuries. By contrast to other injuries, muscle injuries have increased during the 21st century

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Christine C. Center, Samuel J. Wilkins, Ross Mathiasen and Adam B. Rosen

Key Points ▸ This case highlights a senior high school football player diagnosed with an acute subdural hematoma (SDH). ▸ On-field assessment of SDH likely reduced the potential of mortality. ▸ This case illustrates the importance of quick activation of emergency medical services for a positive

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Maurice Vergeer and Leon Mulder

known as soccer) players attract much attention and many followers. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has over 73 million followers, while runner-up Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr. (Neymar), has nearly 40 million ( Tweetsfc, 2018 ). Football players’ tweets and Facebook posts thus receive enormous attention

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Rachel Lohman, Amelia Carr and Dominique Condo

guidelines ( Thomas et al., 2016 ), Australian football players should aim for a carbohydrate intake of 6–10 g/kg body mass (BM) each training day to support 1–3 hr/day of moderate- to high-intensity exercise and to facilitate muscle glycogen restoration ( Mujika & Burke, 2010 ). Depending on individual

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Pedro Figueiredo, George P. Nassis and João Brito

Salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) provides a noninvasive biological marker that may be useful to monitor football players responses to training 1 , 2 and to identify players at risk of upper respiratory tract (URT) infection. 3 Indeed, low levels of salivary IgA over a training period