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Shuhua Zhou, Jie Xu and Yinjiao Ye

This article first explicates the concept of sports enjoyment and then reviews the literature on the many facets of sports commentary regarding its general content and effects. An experimental study was designed to test whether complimentary or conflicting commentary, as well as game knowledge, and playing experience contributed to game enjoyment, perceived liking of the commentary, and perceived action in the game. Results partially supported the hypotheses. Specifically, commentary type had a significant impact on viewers’ liking of the commentary but had no impact on game enjoyment or perceived action in the game, game knowledge increased game enjoyment but had no impact on the other two dependent variables, and playing experience had a positive impact on perceived action in the game but had no impact on the other two variables. Implications are discussed.

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Darcy Cree Plymire

In this article I argue that digital technologies are remediating sport in ways that invite users to adopt posthuman subject positions. The focus of my analysis is EA Sports’ “Madden NFL.” First, I explain how video games reflect qualities of immediacy and hypermediation to create immersive gaming experiences. Then I go on to show how immersion in sport video games creates a relationship to the body and the self that are categorically different from those created by televised sport. I conclude that sport media studies will benefit from further consideration of the posthuman condition.

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Ricky Malott, Noah Jackson, William Strome, Joe Bisson and Nola Agha

Experience, LLC is a start-up company that sells in-game seat upgrades during live sporting events using text messaging and cell phone apps. From a user standpoint, a small upgrade fee results in better seats and a better game experience. From a venue or team standpoint, Experience fills unused inventory resulting in increased revenues and more satisfied fans with higher repurchase intentions. Experience is looking to expand its services beyond single-game upgrades to a full-season ticket that is based on filling open, but previously sold, inventory. This case illustrates the forces at play in the ticketing industry, describes the features of each service, and provides an opportunity to decide on the expansion strategy for a fast-growing start-up company.

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Yongjin Hwang, Khalid Ballouli, Kevin So and Bob Heere

(toward the gaming experience and brand), and purchase intention ( Chaney, Lin, & Chaney, 2004 ; Cianfrone & Zhang, 2013 ; Kim & Ross, 2015 ; Lewis & Porter, 2010 ; Nelson, Yaros, & Keum, 2006 ; Terlutter & Capella, 2013 ; Walsh, Zimmerman, Clavio, & Williams, 2013 ). Although there are many types

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Jungyun Hwang, I-Min Lee, Austin M. Fernandez, Charles H. Hillman and Amy Shirong Lu

previous game experience with a single question (ie, how much have you played Xbox Kinect games?) using a 3-point Likert scale (1 = little or no experience, 2 = some experience, and 3 = a lot of experience) ( 31 ). After the exergames, we evaluated the participant’s enjoyment of each game using a 5-point

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Shane Pill and Brendon Hyndman

performance expectations of games teaching that narrowed pedagogy selection to direct teaching styles. Furthermore, in a GBA dialog with players’ purposeful reflection on game experiences are seen to play a central role in facilitating learning ( Light, Curry, & Mooney, 2014 ). A GBA also encourages a move

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Nadège Levallet, Norm O’Reilly, Elizabeth Wanless, Michael Naraine, Ethan Alkon and Wade Longmire

-of-year survey results, she glossed over the numerous responses from season ticket holders calling for a better game experience and criticizing the current environment as “outdated” and “boring.” She had always imagined that, as Athletic Director, she would bring swift solutions to any challenge she faced, but

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Gashaw Abeza

really interesting because home-theater systems are so great today that you can have an enhanced game experience at home. As a fan, you can sit on your couch and use your tablets and mobile devices while watching one game on TV, and then you can use your three or four other devices around you to watch

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Gashaw Abeza, Norm O’Reilly, Kyle Kashuck, Joshua Law and Alexandra Speck

Athletics Department to leverage social media posts, giveaways, and unique in-game experiences ( Pekale, 2016 ). Another tactic is via The Sun Devil Club, the booster organization of ASU athletics. The club offers a per-seat donation that gives the donor the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat in

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Yongwoo Lee, Wonjae Choi, Kyeongjin Lee, Changho Song and Seungwon Lee

pressure through moving backward, forward, and side to side ( Williams, Doherty, Bender, Mattox, & Tibbs, 2011 ). However, Xbox Kinect is a controller-free gaming experience that interfaces with gestures ( Agmon et al., 2011 ; Marston & Smith, 2012 ). In this study, participants interacted with an avatar