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Yongjin Hwang, Khalid Ballouli, Kevin So, and Bob Heere

Advertisers and agencies increasingly recognize that in-game marketing can play a key role in modern communication objectives and is an effective means to enhance the delivery of brand messages to consumers ( Lewis & Porter, 2010 ). Recent industry reports estimate that the total revenue generated

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Lindee Declercq, Keegan Dalal, Megan Piché, Nicholas Burton, and Michael Naraine

owned Twitch. eSports Getting involved with eSports through Twitch would grant Amazon more access into a younger consumer demographic. Currently, nearly 60% of video game players are under 34 years old ( “2020 essential facts about the video game industry”, n.d. ). John figured that targeting this age

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Brody J. Ruihley and Jacob Chamberlin

The fantasy sport industry has seen tremendous growth over the past three decades. Estimated at 500,000 North American participants in 1988, the industry has had positive growth every step of the way to a current estimate of 59.3 million participants ( Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, 2020

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Alexandra Valencia-Peris, Joan Úbeda-Colomer, Jorge Lizandra, Carmen Peiró-Velert, and José Devís-Devís

gaming is one of the most common screen media activities that children and adolescents engage in in their daily lives. 8 As a result, it contributes a great deal to the disregarding of screen media time recommendations 2 and the negative consequences that this can entail. However, mixed evidence exists

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Shane Pill, Brendon Hyndman, Brendan SueSee, and John Williams

current and future engagement in physical activity. Digital game design principles have been suggested as a contemporary model for the pedagogical work of PE teachers. The aim of this paper is to create knowledge and insight about the opportunities that digital game design principles offer to PE pedagogy

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John Williams and Shane Pill

cultures. The two main aims of this article are (a) to show how self-study can operate as an effective professional learning opportunity and (b) to demonstrate how a Game Sense Approach (GSA) can be used to teach the traditional Australian Aboriginal game, Buroinjin ( Australian Sports Commission [ASC

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Eva Guijarro, Ann MacPhail, Natalia María Arias-Palencia, and Sixto González-Víllora

enthusiastic sportspersons ( Siedentop et al., 2020 ). With a specific focus on the development of students’ game performance and understanding, Bunker and Thorpe ( 1982 ) proposed TGfU as a game-centered approach (GCA) that links tactics and skills in game situations. A GCA recognizes the importance of

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Eric J. Evans, Keith E. Naugle, Tyler Owen, and Kelly M. Naugle

mode for obtaining physical activity, termed as active gaming, has emerged within the past decade to help address the physical inactivity issues at large. Active gaming allows players to use their bodies to translate physical motions to video game movements and thus elicits physical activity while also

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Weidong Li, Xiuye Xie, and Huanyu Li

in order to respond creatively, competently and safely in a variety of physical activity contexts and settings” ( Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2012 , p. 7). Games and sports are one of the focus areas in the curriculum. Since the 1980s, numerous game-centered approaches

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Brian M. Mills, Scott Tainsky, B. Christine Green, and Becca Leopkey

behavioral economics experiment known as the ultimatum game applied in the context of collegiate football. Rivalries in the college football context are particularly acute and often reinforced through continuous contact with in-group fans (fellow students). In this context, we directly test the willingness