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Effects of Brand Congruity and Game Difficulty on Gamers’ Response to Advertising in Sport Video Games

Yongjin Hwang, Khalid Ballouli, Kevin So, and Bob Heere

Advertisers and agencies increasingly recognize that in-game marketing can play a key role in modern communication objectives and is an effective means to enhance the delivery of brand messages to consumers ( Lewis & Porter, 2010 ). Recent industry reports estimate that the total revenue generated

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Hey Alexa, Launch Twitch: Using Sport Sponsorship to Drive Business Development

Lindee Declercq, Keegan Dalal, Megan Piché, Nicholas Burton, and Michael Naraine

owned Twitch. eSports Getting involved with eSports through Twitch would grant Amazon more access into a younger consumer demographic. Currently, nearly 60% of video game players are under 34 years old ( “2020 essential facts about the video game industry”, n.d. ). John figured that targeting this age

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Upper-Body Pain in Gamers: An Analysis of Demographics and Gaming Habits on Gaming-Related Pain and Discomfort

Garrick N. Forman and Michael W.R. Holmes

The video game industry has become extremely profitable, with market research companies estimating the market will exceed $200 billion by 2023 ( Wijman, 2021 ). With the growth of the gaming industry, millions of people across all age groups and demographics play video games on a regular basis both

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Just a Fantasy? Examining Fantasy Sport in a Time Without Sport

Brody J. Ruihley and Jacob Chamberlin

The fantasy sport industry has seen tremendous growth over the past three decades. Estimated at 500,000 North American participants in 1988, the industry has had positive growth every step of the way to a current estimate of 59.3 million participants ( Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, 2020

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Integration of Esports in Educational Innovation: A Design-Based Research Approach

Janelle E. Wells, Michelle G. Harrolle, K. Doreen MacAulay, Gregory Greenhalgh, and Samuel C. Morgan

andragogical approaches. Like entrepreneurship students, some esport students may not have esports business experience to draw upon; however, they may be familiar with esports concepts from other points of view, such as being a consumer of gaming, being a gamer themselves, or just by being a fan of gaming. In

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Perceptual-Motor Abilities of Professional Esports Gamers and Amateurs

Haneol Kim, Seonjin Kim, and Jianhua Wu

Esports, also known as competitive video gaming, is a form of sports with real-life characteristics and has been a popular entertainment form among teenagers and young adults ( Lee & Schoenstedt, 2011 ). Wack and Tantleff-Dunn ( 2009 ) reported that college-aged American men play electronic games

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Measuring Toxicity Toward Women in Game-Based Communities

Matthew Belskie, Hanlin Zhang, and Bradley M. Hemminger

A popular aphorism in business is, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Multiple game companies have spent considerable time and resources to combat toxicity in their games ( Türkay et al., 2020 ), and yet a common framework for measuring toxicity does not yet exist. When this research began

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Active Gaming Prevalence and Correlates by Type of Day in Spanish Youth

Alexandra Valencia-Peris, Joan Úbeda-Colomer, Jorge Lizandra, Carmen Peiró-Velert, and José Devís-Devís

gaming is one of the most common screen media activities that children and adolescents engage in in their daily lives. 8 As a result, it contributes a great deal to the disregarding of screen media time recommendations 2 and the negative consequences that this can entail. However, mixed evidence exists

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Physical Education Teachers’ Use of Digital Game Design Principles

Shane Pill, Brendon Hyndman, Brendan SueSee, and John Williams

current and future engagement in physical activity. Digital game design principles have been suggested as a contemporary model for the pedagogical work of PE teachers. The aim of this paper is to create knowledge and insight about the opportunities that digital game design principles offer to PE pedagogy

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Exploration of Internet Gaming Disorder Among the Esports Community

Ryan Woolhouse and Robert Patton

Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) is categorized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent video gaming behavior, which leads to significant impairment in family, social, personal, occupational, or other important areas of life. It has been officially recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical