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Louis Violette

’il participe à l’extension et à l’intensification des échanges culturels – stimulés et régis par des initiatives et des institutions transnationales 134 – le sport olympique se présente désormais comme un agent de la globalisation. 135 Regards sur le Sport Africain À Rome, l’ironie de l’histoire aura voulu

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Ryszard Panfil, Marcin Krawczynski, Piotr Marek, and Lukasz Panfil

The purpose of this paper is to describe the current status of coaching and coach education in Poland. Currently, the dynamics of legal rulers that govern the sport coaching market in Poland are dictated by several broader phenomena, such as the globalisation of sport culture, European integration, decentralisation of power and deregulation of the labour market that has been occurring over recent years. The coaching labour market, which is determined by various needs of institutions and individuals, points to appropriate forms and methods of education for coaches. This new situation allows us to specify coaching roles and respective competences that are adapted to the dynamic needs of the market. It also allows Polish sport associations and “Akademia Trenerska” (“Coaching Academy”) to actively and innovatively stimulate the sport coaching labour market in Poland.

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Annemarie Farrell

text, as an instructor could ask students to evaluate other sport organizations using criteria presented in the book. Part II of the book, “Globalisation,” begins with the simple statement, “Globalisation is almost a buzzword.” While it is true that this term has become overused to the point of it

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Kathryn E. Shea

landscape. Peter Humphreys and Seamus Simpson build on their last work, Globalisation, Convergence and European Telecommunications Regulation, by providing a thorough and insightful overview of the evolving context, regulation, and governance of media convergence in Regulation, Governance, and

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Hans Erik Næss

policies actually produces changes for the society in which the sporting event takes place in the long run is, however, a question that needs to be answered empirically. Notes 1. The term “Global Sporting Governing Bodies” is from Barrie Houlihan, “Sports Globalisation, the State and the Problem of

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W. James (Jim) Weese

. Mason , D.S. , & Duquette , G.H. ( 2005 ). Globalisation and the evolving player-agent relationship in professional sport . International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 1 ( 1/2 ), 93 – 109 . doi:10.1504/IJSMM.2005.007123 10.1504/IJSMM.2005.007123 Matthews , K.E. , Garratt , C

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Joshua I. Newman, Grace Yan, Hanhan Xue, and Nicholas M. Watanabe

University Press . 10.1215/9780822392996 Connell , J. ( 2018 ). Globalisation, soft power, and the rise of football in China . Geographical Research, 56 ( 1 ), 5 – 15 . 10.1111/1745-5871.12249 Conolly , M. ( 2017 , January 11 ). Asia’s top sports media properties: ONE, CSL, IPL, and the continent

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Sandie Beaudouin

rapidement un sport tel que le définit Guttmann. 15 Néanmoins, sur le terrain, la globalisation des règles, la question de l’amateurisme, posent de nombreuses difficultés et attestent de la complexité du processus de sportivisation. La domestication de la rivière et la prompte formation de ses bords en tant

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Michael Annear, Tetsuhiro Kidokoro, and Yasuo Shimizu

Coubertin , P. ( 1966 ). The Olympic idea: Discourses and essays . Lausanne, Switzerland : Olympischer Sport-Verlag . Dickson , G. , & Schofield , G. ( 2005 ). Globalisation and globesity: The impact of the 2008 Beijing Olympics on China . International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

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Michael B. Devlin, Kenon A. Brown, Natalie Brown-Devlin, and Andrew C. Billings

, J. ( 2002 ). Globalisation theory, global sport, and nation and nationalism . In J. Sugden & A. Tomlinson (Eds.), Power games: A critical sociology of sport (pp.  25 – 43 ). London, UK : Routledge . Heere , B. , Walker , M. , Yoshida , M. , Ko , Y.J. , Jordan , J.S. , & James