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Christoph von Lassberg, Karl Beykirch, Jennifer L. Campos, and Jürgen Krug

This study investigated long-term adaptations of smooth pursuit eye movement characteristics in high-level gymnasts and compared these responses to those of nonathletes. Gymnasts were selected because of their exceptional ability to spatially orient during fast, multiaxial whole body rotations. Participants were tested with standardized and supra-maximal sinusoidal smooth pursuit measurements. The results showed significantly higher gain values in top-level gymnasts, followed by young federal team gymnasts, followed by the nonathlete control group. By testing participants over the course of three years and also after periods of abstinence from training, changes to patterns of smooth pursuit over time are revealed. These results have interesting implications for understanding the characteristics of eye-movements in expert populations as well as understanding the general principles that underlie oculomotor adaptation.

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Lauren A. Burt, David A. Greene, and Geraldine A. Naughton

High-impact activities have been shown to increase bone density more than low-impact or weight-supported sports ( 27 , 30 ). Gymnastics is a substantially high-impact sport, and among female gymnasts, higher bone density has been reported ( 4 ). Because gymnastics is an early specialization sport

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Alyssa C. Adams, Kelly B. Fleming, and Patricia M. Tripp

competitive sport activity remains low (approximately 58%). 4 The following case highlights the diagnosis, initial management, surgical intervention, and postoperative recovery for a patient with bilateral hip dysplasia. Case Review Patient A 19-year-old Division I collegiate gymnast presented to the

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Gretchen Kerr, Anthony Battaglia, and Ashley Stirling

athletes ( Hobson, 2017 ; Kirby, 2018 ). Brazil’s former national gymnastics coach was recently accused of sexually abusing dozens of young gymnasts over the past 2 decades ( Downie & Brooks, 2018 ). Child sexual abuse in U.K. football spanning a period of more than 30 years has recently emerged and is

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Andrzej Kochanowicz, Bartłomiej Niespodziński, Jan Mieszkowski, Stanisław Sawczyn, Paweł Cięszczyk, and Kazimierz Kochanowicz

and requires further investigation. Similarly, there is still little information on the impact of explosive training on neuromuscular changes in the prepubertal period. Therefore, to understand the effect of explosive-type training in prepubertal gymnasts, it is important to examine how this training

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Erika D. Van Dyke, Aaron Metzger, and Sam J. Zizzi

, perfectionism, and performance among gymnasts—athletes in a judged sport. Aims of the research will be twofold: (a) to examine whether unique profiles of mindfulness and perfectionism constructs exist among the athlete participants and (b) to assess whether objective measures of competitive performance differ

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Paula B. Debien, Thiago F. Timoteo, Tim J. Gabbett, and Maurício G. Bara Filho

gymnastics. Training load in rhythmic gymnastics is extremely high and tends to increase rapidly during competitive periods. 15 , 16 In addition, studies in rhythmic gymnasts have shown insufficient recovery across the season 15 and during competitions, 17 as well as high incidence of overuse injuries, 18

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George H. Franklin, Daniel J. Brown, Emma Vickers, and Grace E. Harrison

of all groups of ISAs in the NCAA to gain a more holistic and inclusive understanding. In this regard, an increasing amount of elite female gymnasts from outside of the United States are migrating there each year ( “Internationals in the NCAA,” 2021 ). In particular, there is an increase in elite

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Alexander Seemann-Sinn, Peter Rüdrich, Tom Gorges, Falk Naundorf, and Bernd Wolfarth

short-duration, high-intensity exercise. 2 Each apparatus has different load characteristics and, therefore, different physiological and energetic requirements. The still rings (SR) place high demands on the maximum strength of the gymnasts due to the required strength hold elements and swing to

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Sylvia Moeskops, Jon L. Oliver, Paul J. Read, Gregory D. Myer, and Rhodri S. Lloyd

Within artistic gymnastics, the vault is one of the highest-scoring disciplines for all-around female gymnasts. 1 To be successful on this apparatus, gymnasts will aim to achieve the highest difficulty value possible, while minimizing deductions on skills to result in greater execution scores. 2