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Jay Johnson, Michelle D. Guerrero, Margery Holman, Jessica W. Chin and Mary Anne Signer-Kroeker

at an elite level of sport. On the other hand, newcomers may experience feelings of anxiety and discomfort regarding the socialization experience that lies ahead. In sport, and in other organizations, veteran members often use hazing rituals and ceremonies to “welcome” newcomers to the team ( Nuwer

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Moira Lafferty and Caroline Wakefield

notion that they are designed to welcome new members and develop cohesion, are often embarrassing, humiliating, degrading, and painful; can present significant health risks; and in extreme cases can become life threatening ( Nuwer, 2004 ). In essence, initiates are subjected to hazing. While there is

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Jay Johnson

This paper is derived from a qualitative study that examined the effects of orientation ceremonies as a replacement for traditional hazing in university sport. The study sought to explore the efficacy of alternative orientation activities that included cooperative games, purposeful team building activities, and informal interaction with the coach. Researchers concluded that, in many instances, the new orientation practice was found to be an effective replacement for traditional forms of entry rituals, as the former created a deeper sense of cohesion, forging a stronger bond among players and coaches who opted to participate.

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Scott A. Graupensperger, Alex J. Benson and M. Blair Evans

-season, (d) concealing concussion symptoms to remain in play, (e) being offered a PED by a trusted family friend, and (f) participating in hazing of incoming teammates. In addition, athletes responded to the following potentially prosocial scenarios: (g) volunteering time for a charitable organization, (h

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John J. Miller

sport. Chapter 12 explores the often misunderstood and unresolved areas of hazing and bullying tactics in sport. By defining each of these areas as well as the potential legal consequences, the chapter discusses the societal and legal ramifications that hazing and bullying may give rise to in the sport

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Maya Maor

as a locus of hegemonic masculinity, and that sports are a central site for bullying and other forms of the POM of adolescent boys today ( Levy, Hollander, & Noy-Canyon, 2016 ; Spencer, 2012 ; Steinfeldt, Vaughan, LaFollette, & Steinfeldt, 2012 ). “Hazing” originally referred to a combination of

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Karen S. Meaney and Sonya L. Armstrong

) research report noted that “structurally and culturally separate units across campus use different terms ( incivility, harassment, hazing, bullying , etc.), definitions, and technique to address bullying” ( 2013 , p. 50). In addition to operating in a decentralized environment, the academic culture is

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Nicholas M. Watanabe, Grace Yan, Brian P. Soebbing and Wantong Fu

2014 and 2016 was at the borderline of being “unhealthy” (according to air quality index [AQI]), with more than 40 days experiencing “severely polluted air” ( Ebenstein et al., 2017 ). In December 2016, Beijing was forced to close all of its airports and highways due to the thick haze, where visibility

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William C. Way, Ashley M. Coker-Cranney and Jack C. Watson II

-being, the task force’s fourth recommendation encourages institutions to educate student-athletes about recognizing the signs / symptoms of common mental health concerns, supporting peers in distress, and responding to violence, hazing, and sexual assault ( NCAA, 2016 ). Shortly after the mental health best

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International Sport Coaching Journal


capable but also represent an appropriate fit for the team at an intrapersonal and team culture level. Additionally, immediate demonstration of professionalism and respect towards new recruits can potentially remove stress, avoid hazing and improve treatment of new members. Altogether, this may result in