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Sitong Guo, Andrew C. Billings, and James C. Abdallah

used to hail James as a modern-day messiah ( Mocarski & Billings, 2014 ) for the city and an NBA mired in a post–Michael Jordan slump. James largely avoided the common pitfalls of stardom; his amazing talent and mature character attracted multitudes of fans worldwide. Despite this, his image has

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Mark A. Sutherlin, L. Colby Mangum, Jay Hertel, Susan A. Saliba, and Joseph M. Hart

abdominis muscle. ▸ Height times mass was the most consistent normalization variable for the lumbar multifidus muscle. Low back pain (LBP) is a condition of global significance that influences deeper musculature in the body, 1 – 19 but assessing these muscles is challenging. Ultrasound imaging (USI) is one

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Thilo Kunkel, Rui Biscaia, Akiko Arai, and Kwame Agyemang

club, Real Madrid (71 million), and eight times the number of his current club, Juventus (26 million); and he has signed a one-billion dollar lifetime endorsement deal with Nike in 2016 because of his image and reach ( Badenhausen, 2016 ). Similarly, Ben Simmons (4.2 million) had more than double the

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Jordan A. Carlson, J. Aaron Hipp, Jacqueline Kerr, Todd S. Horowitz, and David Berrigan

sources of data, including investigating device-based assessment technologies ( Fulton et al., 2016 ). Images have been captured for evaluative health purposes since at least the advent of the X-Ray in 1895 ( Spiegel, 1995 ) and the annotation of human behavior in public spaces via video since at least

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Evan Frederick and Ann Pegoraro

National Championship banner removed ( O’Donnell, 2017a ). The university appealed these sanctions in August 2017. One month later, in September, The FBI bribery investigation emerged. Arguably, given the recent sanctions, no university involved in the FBI investigation was in greater need to enact image

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Bob Heere, Henry Wear, Adam Jones, Tim Breitbarth, Xiaoyan Xing, Juan Luis Paramio Salcines, Masayuki Yoshida, and Inge Derom

brand image ( Zhang & Zhao, 2009 ), we still know relatively little about what effects these events have on the perception of the brand image among potential visitors, and especially among those who have never visited the destination before, yet might be familiar with the sport event that takes place in

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Vincenzo Ricci and Levent Özçakar

Muscle injuries are commonplace in sports medicine, and the more frequently involved muscle groups are the hamstrings, adductors, rectus femoris, and the medial head of the gastrocnemius. 1 The diagnosis is usually clinical, but diagnostic imaging modalities are often utilized to correctly

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Ariel J. Dimler, Kimberley McFadden, and Tara-Leigh F. McHugh

building strength and flexibility through sensual dance movement ( Donaghue, Kurz, & Whitehead, 2011 ). The increased popularity and promotion of such exercise coincide with the increased emphasis on how to develop positive body image, especially among those who already possess, or may be at risk of

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Sandra E. Moritz, Craig R. Hall, Kathleen A. Martin, and Eva Vadocz

Despite the advocacy of a confidence-enhancing function of mental imagery, the relationship between confidence and imagery has received little attention from sport researchers. The primary purpose of the present study was to identify the specific image content of confident athletes. Fifty-seven elite competitive rollerskaters completed the Movement Imagery Questionnaire-Revised (MIQ-R), the Sport Imagery Questionnaire (SIQ), and the State Sport Confidence Inventory (SSCI). Results revealed that high sport-confident athletes used more mastery and arousal imagery, and had better kinesthetic and visual imagery ability than low sport-confident athletes did. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis revealed that mastery imagery accounted for the majority of variance in SSCI scores (20%). The results of this study suggest that when it comes to sport confidence, the imaged rehearsal of specific sport skills may not be as important as the imagery of sport-related mastery experiences and emotions.

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Claudia G. Levenig, Michael Kellmann, Jens Kleinert, Johanna Belz, Tobias Hesselmann, Jahan Heidari, and Monika I. Hasenbring

known about the role of psychosocial subgroups in athletes. Figure 1 —The Avoidance–Endurance Model of pain. During the past decade, unfavorable facets of body image became of increasing interest, that is, perceptual aspects, such as misperceptions of the painful body part (eg, “I can’t find it,” “It