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Justin H. Rigby and Shaylene B. Dye

A variety of cryotherapy systems may be used to cool tissues immediately after an injury. The purpose our study was to examine the effect of a 30-min application of various cryotherapy devices on skin temperatures and compression. A crossover-designed study performed in a university research laboratory was conducted. Each treatment condition was applied to the lateral ankle for 30 min on different days. HyperIce’s colder temperatures over the lateral ankle (p < .0001) would make it the treatment choice for immediate care of ankle lateral ligament injuries, but is limited due its size for larger injuries.

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Jennifer Ostrowski, Angelina Purchio, Maria Beck, and JoLynn Leisinger

Cryotherapy is one of the most commonly utilized modalities during immediate care of athletic injuries and is often included as part of RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation); however, evidence supporting these components as a whole or individually is inconclusive. 1 Physiologic effects of

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Jennifer Ostrowski, Angelina Purchio, Maria Beck, JoLynn Leisinger, Mackenzie Tucker, and Sarah Hurst

One of the primary goals during immediate care of orthopedic injury is to decrease tissue temperature in order to slow metabolism in the area, 1 , 2 cause vasoconstriction of superficial tissues, 3 – 5 decrease permeability, 6 prevent secondary tissue death, 7 – 9 and prevent edema formation. 6

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Rebecca M. Hirschhorn, Cassidy Holland, Amy F. Hand, and James M. Mensch

morbidity and mortality. 4.13 ± 0.98 4 Effectively implement emergency action plan to ensure timely transfer of care to appropriate medical provider or facility beyond the scope of practice of the athletic trainer. 4.36 ± 0.96 4 Demonstrate how to implement and direct immediate care strategies to provide