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Pedro Gómez-Carmona, Ismael Fernández-Cuevas, Manuel Sillero-Quintana, Javier Arnaiz-Lastras and Archit Navandar

Injuries are an inherent part of high-level sports performance, with soccer having one of the highest injury incidences. 1 Specifically, epidemiological studies in soccer have observed a prevalence of injuries about 15% per season, affecting 65% to 95% of all players. 1 , 2 Injury rate in soccer

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Kyle R. Lynch, Michael Fredericson, Bruna Turi-Lynch, Ricardo R. Agostinete, Igor H. Ito, Rafael Luiz-de-Marco, Mario A. Rodrigues-Junior and Rômulo A. Fernandes

incidence of fractures (mainly traumatic fractures [TF]) is unclear among adolescents. Regarding TF, the burden of this kind of outcome due to sports performance is relevant because to sustain a TF is responsible for significant time away from training routines ( 5 ). Similar data in children and

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Timothy J.H. Lathlean, Paul B. Gastin, Stuart V. Newstead and Caroline F. Finch

% confidence intervals (CIs), and statistical significance set at P  < .05. Results As reported previously in a study evaluating the incidence, prevalence, severity, mechanism, and body region of injury, 44 there were a total of 1192 football-related injuries in 449 players, at an average of 2.7 injuries per

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Jessica R. Fairbairn and Kellie C. Huxel Bliven

implemented to restore upper-extremity function. Clinical Question Is the incidence of shoulder injury in elite wheelchair athletes different between sports? Summary of Search, Best Evidence Appraised, and Key Findings • The literature was searched for studies that reported on shoulder injuries among elite

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Brittany M. Ingram, Melissa C. Kay, Christina B. Vander Vegt and Johna K. Register-Mihalik

makes age 13 the first age in which individuals can engage in body checking in Canada. Despite these changes, effectiveness of their implementation on the incidence of concussion in male youth ice hockey players remains unclear. Focused Clinical Question What is the effect of body checking policy

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Baruch Vainshelboim, Zhongming Chen, Ricardo M. Lima and Jonathan Myers

the single most important risk factor for cancer, accounting for approximately 25% of all cancer incidence and 30% of total cancer mortality. 1 – 3 , 5 The prevalence of current smokers is about 20% of the world’s adult population (about 800 million men and 200 million women), 1 ranging from

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Aynollah Naderi, Fatemeh Shaabani, Hassan Gharayagh Zandi, Luís Calmeiro and Britton W. Brewer

Injuries are a common major adverse event during a soccer player’s career ( Stubbe et al., 2015 ). It is estimated that 65–95% of international-level male soccer players suffer at least one injury each year ( Hägglund, 2007 ), and the injury incidence ranges from 2 to 19.5 injuries per 1,000 hr of

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Hamid Najafipour, Masoomeh Kahnooji, Mohammad Reza Baneshi, Mahboobeh Yeganeh, Milad Ahmadi Gohari, Mitra Shadkam Farokhi and Ali Mirzazadeh

, the incidence rate of these diseases would increase steeply, 3 while now, these conditions are the first cause of death in Iran (26.4%). 4 Physical activity (PA) does not inclusively mean doing a sport. In fact, all kind of activities including a body movement such as working, playing, training

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Sungchul Lee, Sangyoon Lee, Seongryu Bae, Kazuhiro Harada, Songee Jung, Keitaro Makino and Hiroyuki Shimada

, & Kopple, 2005 ), and these changes could be caused by the low level of physical activity that is seen in patients with CKD ( Sah, Siddiqui, & Darain, 2015 ). However, the relationship between CKD, longer sedentary time, and disability incidence is not clear. We hypothesized that individuals with CKD and

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Tim Woodman and Paul A. Davis

The role of repression in the incidence of ironic errors was investigated on a golf task. Coping styles of novice golfers were determined using measures of cognitive anxiety and physiological arousal. Following baseline putts, participants (n = 58) performed a competition putt with the opportunity to win UK£50 (approx. US$100). Before completing the competition putt participants were instructed to “land the ball on the target, but be particularly careful not to over-shoot the target.” The distance the ball traveled past the hole formed the measure of ironic effects. Probing of the coping style × condition interaction, F(2, 41) = 6.53, p < .005, revealed that only the repressors incurred a significant increase in ironic error for the competition putt. This suggests that the act of repressing anxiety has a detrimental performance effect.