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Maureen Connolly and William J. Harvey

the current special issue’s theme of revisiting assumptions and engaging interdisciplinarity. Our phenomenological, semiotic, critical disability studies, APA, and activist-oriented scholarship/pedagogy blends have compelled us to revisit assumptions in ongoing ways, as well as adapt and integrate

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Donna L. Goodwin and Janice Causgrove Dunn

The contributing authors for this special edition reflected on three major themes of interdisciplinarity 1 : (a) reality as multileveled and more complex than assumed by single disciplines, (b) researchers and practitioners in adapted physical activity (APA) being faced with complex problems that

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Stamatis Agiovlasitis, Joonkoo Yun, Jooyeon Jin, Jeffrey A. McCubbin, and Robert W. Motl

. This article provides a review of these intricacies and a synthesis of the “big picture” of PA promotion for people experiencing disability. We further discuss the need for interdisciplinarity to achieve a comprehensive and integrative approach to improving the health of people experiencing disability

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Danielle Peers

“a version of interdisciplinarity that involves stakeholders from outside the academy in research teams” ( Szostak, 2016 , p. 70). Within the context of APA, it is research that engages meaningfully in knowledge making with disability communities. In what remains of the paper, I introduce four of the

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Claire-Marie Roberts

Acute pulmonary disorders are commonplace within the athletic population, with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) common diagnoses. VCD is a condition that causes the vocal folds to close during inhalation, causing obstruction at the larynx and thereby a severely-impaired sporting performance. VCD can be brought on by laryngeal irritants, emotional and psychological stress, and asthma. The present case study details the interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of an elite female swimmer with VCD with an intervention program that lasted 9 weeks, instigated by a local general practitioner who chose to engage a sport psychology practitioner due to the sport-specific nature of the psychological stress she experienced. The steps involved in the design of the sport psychology interventions are outlined and the relationship of those interventions to the work of the other specialists is discussed. The 9-week intervention program was aimed at reducing the swimmer’s levels of precompetitive state anxiety and perfectionist tendencies using a combination of goal-setting, imagery, and cognitive restructuring. During the course of 9 weeks, the athlete’s levels of competitive state anxiety and perfectionist tendencies reduced, along with the frequency of VCD occurrence.

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EDITORIAL Revisiting Our Research Assumptions 20 Years On: The Role of Interdisciplinarity Donna L. Goodwin * Janice Causgrove Dunn * 1 07 2018 35 3 249 253 10.1123/apaq.2017-0192 apaq.2017-0192 VIEWPOINT Interdisciplinarity and Adapted Physical Activity Rick Szostak * 1 07 2018 35 2 254 266

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: Reflexions on Interdisciplinarity in Adapted Physical Activity 7 2016 33 3 301 302 10.1123/APAQ.2016-0077 apaq Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly 0736-5829 1543-2777 2016 33 3 10.3828/apaq.2016.33.issue-3 Original Research 10.1123/APAQ.2014-0167 10.1123/APAQ.2015-0048 10.1123/APAQ.2015-0042 10.1123/APAQ

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Anna Posbergh

.1080/00336297.2011.10483678 Sterling , J.J. , & McDonald , M.G. (Eds.) ( 2020 ). Sports, society, and technology: Bodies, practices, and knowledge production . Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan. 10.1007/978-981-32-9127-0 Vertinsky , P. ( 2009 ). Mind the gap (or mending it): Qualitative research and interdisciplinarity in

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Paul Garner, Jennifer Turnnidge, Will Roberts, and Jean Côté

. London, UK : Routledge . Bhaskar , R. ( 2010 ). Contexts of interdisciplinarity: Interdisciplinarity and climate change . In R. Bhaskar , C. Frank , K.G. Hoyer , P. Naess , & J. Parker (Eds.), Interdisciplinarity and climate change: Transforming knowledge and practice for our global