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Molly Hayes Sauder and Michael Mudrick

experience were able to be given more substantial job duties during the capstone internship. From a theoretical perspective, this finding makes sense in light of Kolb and Kolb’s ( 2009 ) assertion that the experiential learning cycle is actually a learning spiral as on-going iterations of the cycle allow for

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Megan P. Brady and Windee Weiss

Clinical Scenario:

Common injuries in high-level and recreational athletes, nonathletes, and the elderly are medial and lateral meniscus tears. Diagnosis of meniscus tears is done with clinical exam, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and arthroscopy. The gold standard is arthroscopy, but accuracy of a clinical exam versus MRI diagnosis of meniscus tears is in question. A clinician’s ability to detect a meniscus tear is beneficial to the patient from a timing standpoint. The process of obtaining an MRI and results could be lengthy, but if the meniscus tear is accurately diagnosed clinically, the patient could be suspended from athletics or specific job duties to prevent further injury. In addition, rehabilitation could be initiated immediately, resulting in better outcomes for the patient. The ability to diagnose a meniscus tear clinically could initiate the rehabilitation process much sooner than waiting for MRI testing and results. Beginning the rehabilitation phase earlier may lead to faster postoperative rehabilitation and better patient outcomes. Clinical detection of a meniscus tear will facilitate possible suspension, early treatment, and rehabilitation recommendations, but the MRI will provide more specific information about the injury, including type and location of tear. Thus, surgical decisions such as operative versus nonoperative or meniscectomy versus repair would be based on MRI results.

Focused Clinical Question:

Is a clinical exam as accurate as an MRI scan for diagnosing meniscus tears?

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Steve Swanson and Samuel Y. Todd

. While her job duties aligned globally with the wider area of community relations, her main task at this time was to lead the HOME initiative. Maria was excited about the taskforce membership and had called for an initial meeting with the group later that afternoon, which would provide the first

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Jessica L. Siegele, Allison B. Smith and Robin Hardin

position she initially did not feel qualified for but ended up being offered and Gerri’s experience working with a conference office that created a special position for her to bring her on staff. Conference office employees may also have a broader scope in terms of job duties, whereas on-campus positions

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Megan B. Shreffler, Samuel H. Schmidt and James Weiner

-level sales positions. The reasoning provided for this was that master’s students tended to believe they deserved more, specifically related to pay and job duties, because of their degree. This issue can be addressed through sport sales courses in which students not only learn about sales and typical salaries

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Lowri C. Edwards, Anna S. Bryant, Kevin Morgan, Stephen-Mark Cooper, Anwen M. Jones and Richard J. Keegan

development program alongside teachers’ current job duties and responsibilities and encourage teachers to reflect continually on the learning process ( Hunzicker, 2011 ). (e) Upskill teachers on content knowledge and pedagogical practice in PE to ensure the professional development program is instructional

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Lauren C. Hindman and Nefertiti A. Walker

of sexism on her job as “Not to the point that I can’t get anything done . . . but yes . . . it effects sales, I couldn’t sell.” Katie, whose job duties required her to enter the locker room, was only allowed to do so at certain times due to policies set as a result of assumptions about relationships