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Contributions of Muscle Elasticity and Lateral Slide of the Transversus Abdominis to Lumbar Stability

Itsuroh Shimizu, Hiroichi Miaki, Katsunori Mizuno, Nobuhide Azuma, Takao Nakagawa, and Toshiaki Yamazaki

contribution of elasticity and lateral slide of the TrA to lumbar stability. A secondary objective of this study is to identify an effective exercise intervention to increase lumbar stabilization. The authors reported that the muscle elasticity of the TrA increased with the increase in the intensity of the

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Principles of Core Stabilization for Athletic Populations

R. Barry Dale and Ryan Lawrence

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The Efficiency of Respiratory Exercises in Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Haiting Zhai, Liqing Zhang, JiXiang Xia, and Cheng Li

function. 17 – 19 Additionally, these exercises increase intra-abdominal pressure, which is essential for enhancing lumbar stability. As a result, they offer significant benefits for both the general public and athletes. Currently, nonpharmacological treatments for LBP include acupuncture, massage, yoga

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Comparison of the Therapeutic Effects of a Sling Exercise and a Traditional Stabilizing Exercise for Clinical Lumbar Spinal Instability

Yong Wook Kim, Na Young Kim, Won Hyuk Chang, and Sang Chul Lee

several studies. 7 , 8 Recently, a lumbar stability exercise using a sling has been applied to treat LBP. 5 The sling is a suspension device with a swaying rope that is used to reduce the individual’s weight load, similar to performing exercises in water. The unstable nature of a sling can be used to

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Inspiratory Muscle Training in Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Leila Ahmadnezhad, Ali Yalfani, and Behnam Gholami Borujeni

 = 0.217) and ascending phase ( d  = 0.207) of the dynamic test as one of the positive effects of these exercises, leading to increased lumbar stability. 27 The increase in local muscle activity and the cocontraction of these muscles can both be taken as factors contributing to the reduction of pain

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Trunk Movement and Sequential Trunk Muscle Activation During Oscillation Exercises Using Flexible Poles

Ting-Chung Wang, Ping-Jui Tsai, and Wei-Hsiu Hsu

of trunk-training exercises . J Athl Train . 2001 ; 36 ( 2 ): 109 – 118 . PubMed ID: 12937449 31. Grenier SG , McGill SM . Quantification of lumbar stability by using 2 different abdominal activation strategies . Arch Phys Med Rehabil . 2007 ; 88 ( 1 ): 54 – 62 . PubMed ID: 17207676 doi:10

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Electromyographic Analysis of Hip and Trunk Muscle Activity During Side Bridge Exercises in Subjects With Gluteus Medius Weakness

Kyung-eun Lee, Seung-min Baik, Chung-hwi Yi, Oh-yun Kwon, and Heon-seock Cynn

affect lumbar stability. Instability of the lumbar spine during SBKH may have contributed to the increased activity of the MF and EO found in the current study. In many stabilization exercises, 23 the EO is activated with the paraspinal muscles at the L5 level. It is difficult to contract the local

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Wearing an Inflatable Vest Alters Muscle Activation and Trunk Angle While Paddling a Surfboard

Jeff A. Nessler, Thomas Hastings, Kevin Greer, and Sean C. Newcomer

significant reduction in muscle activity was noted here, this decrease does not appear to be of sufficient magnitude to lead to a reduction in muscle endurance. Previous researchers have reported that muscle activation of only 30% of maximal voluntary contraction is sufficient to maintain lumbar stability and

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Effect of Bridge Exercise Duration on Lateral Abdominal Muscle Thickness and Gluteus Maximus Activation

Eleftherios Kellis, Athanasios Konstantopoulos, and Athanasios Ellinoudis

exercises on the floor vs. the suspension system . Int J Environ Res Public Health . 2021 ; 18 ( 11 ): 5908 . doi:10.3390/ijerph18115908 34072905 23. Cho M , Jeon H . The effects of bridge exercise on an unstable base of support on lumbar stability and the thickness of the transversus abdominis . J

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The Relationship Between Trunk Muscle Thickness and Static Postural Balance in Older Adults

Ece Acar, Tamer Çankaya, and Serkan Öner

). Correlations between transversus abdominis thickness, lumbar stability, and balance of female university students . Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 25 ( 6 ), 681 – 683 . PubMed ID: 24259828 doi:10.1589/jpts.25.681 10.1589/jpts.25.681 Graham , D.F. , Carty , C.P. , Lloyd , D.G. , & Barrett , R