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Andrew Cox, Marcie B. Fyock-Martin, and Joel R. Martin

” may not be an option for all athletes, injured or healthy. As a result, simulated altitude training has become increasingly popular. The elevation training mask (ETM), also known as an altitude mask, claims to improve performance by increasing endurance, VO 2 max, and lung capacity. Anecdotal evidence

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Kathleen E. Bachynski

skated back to his net wearing a Plexiglass face mask, refusing to remove it despite “catcalls from the safe seats.” 1 Thereafter, Plante insisted on wearing the mask over the objections and ridicule of coaches, managers, fellow players, and fans. Muzz Patrick, general manager of the New York Rangers

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Ioanna Athanasiadou, Sven Christian Voss, Wesal El Saftawy, Hind Al-Jaber, Najib Dbes, Sameera Al-Yazedi, Waseem Samsam, Vidya Mohamed-Ali, Mohammed Alsayrafi, Georgia Valsami, and Costas Georgakopoulos

analysis, it was observed that, in many cases, urinary LH concentrations close to or below the threshold of 1.0 IU/L were related to low SG values (diluted samples, SG < 1.005). Based on anecdotal evidence, hyperhydration is being used by a number of athletes as a masking method, since urine dilution is

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Jeremy J. Foreman, Joshua S. Bendickson, and Birton J. Cowden

in the NFL. Second, we introduce alignment masks, a notion that principal–agent alignment may appear to be true but that unexpected and unknown incentives may exist. Third, we add new nuance to understanding executive succession. Through this, we add to theory and practice by providing new ideas

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Douglas M. Kleiner

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Erik E. Swartz

Column-editor : Michael G. Dolan

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John Strickland and Grant Bevill

review of biomechanics literature demonstrates that only the protective equipment available to batters and catchers have been evaluated, 5 – 9 whereas, to the authors’ knowledge, no tests have been performed for the facemasks available for fielders. Data from studies examining catcher’s masks are

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Jennifer L. Huberty, Jeni L. Matthews, Meynard Toledo, Lindsay Smith, Catherine L. Jarrett, Benjamin Duncan, and Matthew P. Buman

measured twice using an electronic stadiometer and weighing scale (Seca 274, Medical Measuring Systems, Chino, CA). Lab personnel discussed what could be expected from the general protocol, and how to navigate certain parts of the yoga sequence while wearing the measurement tools (mask, backpack, and